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Today's article will take a look at some of the most popular tools for generating online websites available today, starting with SILEX, Weebly and Wix. Here is a review of the new WIX HTML5 editor. Introducing the HTML5 Website builder! Following month-long research, optimization and improvement, we are pleased to announce the release of our new HTML5 Website Builder! The new HTML 5 Website Builder combines two distinct features: the latest, most sophisticated technologies and the same usability that drives nearly 20,000,000 visitors to our site to buy our product.

We' ve developed the new HTML5 editing tool with the goal of giving Wix customers the definitive website viewing experiences with full power over every single aspect of the website interface. Below are some of the outstanding functions you'll find in the new HTML5 editor: Simply browse this site, select an HTML style sheet and see for yourself! Wix's new HTML5 editing tool highlights our mission to bring YOU to the driver's seat as well as the choice of templates, layouts and designs, allowing you to select the exact technologies you want to use to create your website.

Enthusiasts can use our familiar online editing software, and we will continue to develop and update our products. New HTML5 editing means that instead of a simple choice, you now have two choices: two choices, two technology, one customer satisfaction. On Wix you will find a large variety of HTML5 template files awaiting you (and we will add many more in the next weeks).

As this is the first release of the HTML5 editing tool, we welcome your comments and ideas so that we can further enhance this for you. Start today with the Wix Website builder!

Explore the Wix HTML5 Website builder.

Already tried Wix's new HTML5 Website builder? Every single working week we see more and more nice HTML sites made with Wix. It' really inspirational to see how quickly our people adapt to the new editors and create such breathtaking sites. Since Wix is now available in HTML5, many enthusiastic customers contact us with question about the new editors and the latest development.

In order to make it simpler for everyone, here are the most important HTML5 Website Builders Frequently Asked Question and Answers: F: What is HTML5? F: What are the advantages of the new editors? F: How can I find the HTML5 template? You can either go to this page or log in to your Wix accounts, go to'Create' and select HTML5 from the category lists.

F: How can I modify the HTML5 template? F: If Wix is now on HTML5, does that mean that the Flash page I create with Wix gets wasted? F: Will the Flash template be adapted to HTML5? F: Can I move my Premier state from my Flash Wix page to my HTML5 Wix page?

F: Are the new HTML pages better suited for sending SMS than a website I built with Flash? If you are writing about "Elements" in the Notepad, what does that mean? Learn more about the different items in the Notepad. Do you have any further queries? If you want to get to know the HTML5 editing from the ground up, watch this How-To video:

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