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Wix was the first manufacturer of a website builder to release its HTML5 editor at the end of March. WYSIWYG HTML Editor is coming to an end. Change to the new Wix Editor | Help Center By June 2015, we published a new editor that replaces our HTML5 editor and started the migration of all Wix HTML5 pages to the new editor. Change to the new editor? The new editor provides a variety of new functions and applications, among them slide shows, light boxes, stripes, column, wix video, wix event, wix forum and the new wix blog and more!

These new functions cannot be used in the old editor. We' re progressively decreasing our old HTML5 editor level as well. Please click here to change all your authorized pages to the new editor. It is not possible to change some template in the old editor to the new editor. When you have the following items on your site, you will need to remove them in order to migrate your site to the new editor: If you have an on-line shop, change to the new Wix Stores platforms (provided your site and shop are eligible).

In order to change to the new editor, your website must contain less than 250 pages. To use the editor in another web page, you must also change this web page.

The Wix HTML5 Website Builder - Is it Really That Good?

Wix was the first manufacturer of a website constructor to release its HTML5 editor at the end of March. One of the biggest website creators is developing a new editor with a totally different kind of tech from the ground up, which already says a great deal to us. Since Apple declined to allow Flash on its portable device, the glory days were over.

All the more so as Adobe last year heralded its complete cessation of developing portable web browsers for Flash. Obviously, Wix had to find a quick way to use it. According to them, their own Flashbuilder will continue to be fully backed and fully deployed in the near term, but we don't expect them to invest too much long-term effort in it.

In addition, Google says in this current blog entry that at best Adobe should be a "decorative element" on web sites. Which advantages does the new Wix HTML5 editor have? As a rule, Web sites using Adobe flash are not the quickest to download, which can result in high rebound and a bad customer Experience.

This is where HTML5 comes into play: load time is not only quicker, but also works on smart phones and spreadsheets. To find out how well your web browsing works, visit www.html5test.com. Viewing the sources of our test website can be very bewildering if you are not used to HTML5 mark-up (just like me).

As I researched this item, I tried using forum SEOs to ask if this sources are suitable for searching engines. The Wix uses the "Single Page Pattern", which means that the entire website is basically on one page. To put it briefly: The sourcecode looks complex, but in the opinion of Google it should be completely in order.

Wix also now allows page title and keyword metas for each page, which is a big improvement over the Flash game. So, from an overall viewpoint of our website development, the Wix Website Builders seem quite good. This new editor is still called alpha and sometimes acts like it ( e.g. we had problems with the text editor text format, problems move items, etc.).

Once it runs more smoothly and some important functions like blogs and HTML injections may have been added, we will upgrade our Wix-Wiew. As Wix pointed out, it is already possible to use HTML for adding custom HTML to external widgets. Notice that Wix HTML5 websites do not work with Microsoft Explorer 8 or later.

Approximately 10% of all web surfers still use these older version (source). This is a big drawback of your HTML5 template! Meanwhile, take a look at the Wix HTML5 test website we made! In order to create an HTML5 website yourself, just log into a free site registration and select one of their HTML5 template.

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