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When you have a wix.com website, SSL is not offered. It is a good idea to activate HTTPS on your website. We have HTTPS for all Wix.

The HTTPS Update | Help Center | Important Information

Important: Wix does not offer SSL connectivity for domain names associated with an outside website. Learn more about HTTPS here. HTTPS Important Information: Make sure that none of the HTML items on your Web site contains links to HTTP pages. So if the embed page contains an HTTP hyperlink that does not have HTTPS enabled, it will not appear on your page (the frame is empty).

Ensure that all your HTTP preferences and commentaries that are already assigned to your HTTP url are migrated to the HTTPS overlay. When you appear an existent societal item such as Facebook links or commentaries, your societal value is set to zero. You are strongly advised to check the HTTPS copy of your site using the Google Search Console by simply add the new feature (HTTPS URL) and then resubmit your site map.

When promoting your site on-line, make sure you provide your visitors with HTTPS URL updates. When using Google Analytics, make sure that you modify the Default URL box to https://. . Please note: If you use Google Webmaster Tools, make sure you use HTTPS to refresh the site map link.

The HTTPS error: The website cannot offer a safe link | Help Center

When you have an external bought domainname and get the message "site can't provid a secure connectivity ", it may be that the domainname is not correctly linked to Wix. When your domainname is correctly linked, update the domainname page and your web site. When your domainname is not correctly linked, you may get this notification:

Then click Restart Connection Wizard, and then update your page and your living site. When you have finished these procedures and the problem is still not solved, make sure that your DNA entries are properly set: When your domainname is linked via pointing, you will find the right data here.

When your domainname is linked via name server, you will find the right data here.

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