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Use this example to show how to use a table as an index for collection content. DeviantArt, which gives artists the opportunity to license their works for the website builder, has been taken over by Wix. The Wix Code - Advanced Web Application Development | Wix.com

Use this example to show how to use a spreadsheet as an index for collections contents. uses a tabular tag to display the Photograph and Titles boxes for prescriptions in the recipes library. There is a link between the spreadsheet and the data set Rezepte. If you click on a formula name in the spreadsheet, the system displays the DIP page for this formula.

Dynamically page Rezepte (Title) shows a unique formula according to the page's public web-address. Sets the page dynamic url to choose the formula to be displayed according to the name. is a value from the Titles box in the Rezeptsammlung. Pages are linked to the data record Prescription items to show the prescription information from the prescription library.

To open this set, go to the Database section of the side bar of the page structure. When we receive the reference to the formula displayed on the page from the record of the dynamical page in the data set's on-ready incident handlers, we will receive it. In this example, the prescriptions come from Foodista.com - The Cooking Encyclopedia Everyone Can Can Edit.

The recipe initially used by

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