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Wix.com Ltd. company research & investment information. All we have is the opportunity to take legal action against Wix.

Be warned and use another provider, your personal information is not safe with Wix.

Myallocator - WIX Hotels Information

Starting May 4, 2017, Allocator will no longer support Wix.com integrations. They can only still use existent muallocator features. Wix Booking Engine and OTA will be able to submit new Wix Booking to Wixlocator, and Wixlocator will pass on rate and uptime to your Wix OTA so that prices and inventories match between your Wix OTAs.

Tariffs and inventory should be uploaded into Wix, and they are entered into Myallocator. As soon as the rates and availability are charged, we can send this information to all your channel (including Wix OTA, Expedia, Booking.com, etc.). Booking you get from other OTA's (such as Booking.com and Expedia) will be passed on to Wix.

REMARK: Wix is both a reservation machine and a PMS. Wix can NOT be a reservation machine only if it is linked via mobile myallocator). When you have another PMS, you cannot link the Wix booking engine/PMS to your own PMS or Wix and your PMS will not work.

Meaning you only have to select one PMS - you can't connect both a PMS and Wix to Myallocator. Below is a chart that illustrates the above information:

If a privacy statement is necessary for Wix websites

When you use Wix for your website or when you build applications for it, you will most likely need to enclose a privacy statement. Wix App Market terms of use contains a section on "Privacy" with the following information: The Wix Privacy Policy also describes the disclosures necessary to comply with the Wix Privacy Policy, and the disclosures that the Wix Privacy Policy must meet:

Compliance with current legislation and requirements, Notify User of how their personally identifiable information is captured by the App and how that information is used, retained, backed up and shared, Notify User of all third-party types to which information may be shared, Describe how User will be informed of important changes to the Data Protection Directive, Here is the screenshots of this requirement:

Although Wix does not require a data protection statement, a data protection statement is legally prescribed. When your website or application creates by Wix to collect and use personally identifiable information from a user, you need a data protection statement in accordance with legal requirements. Wix refers to the policies and rules in its data protection statement and Developers Partner Agreement that cover a number of global policies, statutes and legislation to protect the personal information of end user Web sites and portable Web sites.

Those statutes may be applicable to Web sites and wireless applications that gather personally identifiable information from visitors, even if the Web site is or is not being hosted by Wix. Personally identifiable information is any information that can be used to personally identify an individual such as a user's date of birth, e-mail addresses, first or last name, home addresses, IP addresses and other information.

Below are some of the most frequently applied statutes and rules to which Wix's privacy policy refers above. The California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA) in the United States mandates that when personally identifiable information is gathered and used by a California federal government employee, that company must provide a privacy statement.

Since there is a likelihood that a California individual will be visiting your site and submitting personally identifiable information, if you are collecting personally identifiable information at all, you must provide a privacy statement to help make sure that you are in compliance with CalOPPA. It is only defined by where your visitors can be found. The following legislation in the EU and the UK require that you have a privacy policy when collecting personally identifiable information from users:

First and foremost, the need for equitable and legitimate data handling. It has been construed as a call for openness in the handling of data relating to individuals. Transparancy can be ensured by incorporating a thoroughly informational data protection directive when collecting personally identifiable information. There are thirteen privacy policies in Australia that govern the treatment of personally identifiable information.

Canada is governed by the PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act), a statute that governs how companies in the non-public sectors must treat users' personally identifiable information. PIPEDA requires that companies inform the user which personally identifiable information should be recorded and why it should be.

Privacy policy is the simplest way to do this. Please use the Privacy Policy Generator to generate a privacy policy for your Wix website. Because you know that you need a privacy statement for your Wix website, here is how you can use the Wix Editor to simply attach your privacy statement to your website:

Type "Privacy Statement" for the new page name. You should now see the page with the privacy policy you just set up in the menus. Now you can insert the content of your privacy statement on the new page. It is a well-established good practise to place the reference to your privacy statement and other applicable laws in the bottom of your website.

Choose "Website" at the prompt "Where will your privacy statement be used". Proceed with the generator until you have reached the last stage. You' ll be asked a few more additional things to do to create a customized Policy. Please copy the link of your privacy statement from the page you downloaded. On the Pages page menus, click Privacy Statement.

please fill in the privacy policy. Please click on the symbol under Where is the hyperlink? Clasp' pin Goods, a website developed with Wix, associates its privacy statement with its bottom line and with its other terms and conditions: The Privacy Policy contains the necessary and pertinent information: There is a whole section that informs the user about how Wix provides the e-commerce that Clasp' pin Goods has at its disposal.

This section links the Wix TOS to the Wix Privacy Policy: Wix informs our customers that Wix may disclose information to third party companies for purposes such as safety, accounting and information improvement. Although the Clasp' pin Goods Privacy Policy is read by the end-customer, it is Wix's privacy policies that are important because Wix is the gaming environment on which Clasp'pin Goods' e-commerce is conducted and where the end-customer's personal information is gathered and used.

Another website Wix hosts, Wix to Fork, contains a hyperlink to its privacy statement in the bottom footing, along with some other guidelines and terms of use: The Wix is listed in a separate section of the Privacy Policy of Wix to Fork. "Part 4 " is entitled Wix.com and informs you that the Wix.com Camp to Fork Shop is host on Wix.com, that Wix provides the e-commerce platforms you use, and that your information is held in the Wix Datastore, Wix Database, and the general Wix.com use.

Wix's Privacy Policy includes information about payments in Farm to Fork's Privacy Policy in "Section 4" of Wix and informs the user about Wix.com's cryptographic and secure functions. Wix.com also provides a link to the Wix.com Privacy Policy and Disclaimer so that visitors can request more information about Wix's practice and policy.

The Lee-Ann Johnstone website, which has been designed with Wix, contains a hyperlink to her privacy statement in the dynamic footer: The user is notified that the website is owned by Lee-Ann Johnstone on Wix, Wix provides the e-commerce platforms on the website and Wix is in charge of storing and storing the data: We recommend that you always attach a privacy statement to your Wix website.

If your website does collect personally identifiable information from a user, however, Wix asks that you enclose a privacy statement. In addition, as required by applicable law, a privacy statement is required when collecting personally identifiable information from you.

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