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Be sure to have the WiX Toolset installed before installing Wax! Build a new WiX setup project. WiX Installer Modifier Installer Notepad+++ Ouvrir WiX Modifier et créer Nouveau projet.

o tom-englert/wax: This is an easy-to-use editor for WiX set-ups.

This is an intuitive editor for WiX Toolset set-ups. Whilst it is a simple job to build an empty set-up with the WiX Toolset, filling the usable file lists and even more, updating the lists can be a very cumbersome work. It is a Visual Studio extension that will help you build, review, and manage the file delivery lists in an intuitive user interface.

Simply choose the specific installation you want to use from the drop-down menu on the right. On the right, two grid panels show you the required destination folders and installable executables and how they are associated with the node in your WiX set-up work. If there is no corresponding entry in the WiX set-up configuration object, it will be displayed in color white.

They can be added to the set-up configuration file by pressing the "+" in the right hand side bar. Data already present in the set-up configuration is displayed in amber. They can be linked by pressing the'?' pushbutton in the right hand side bar. If a file already exists in the set-up configuration, but has several similarities, it is displayed in color amber.

It is possible to join elements by choosing the correct one from the combobox. You can use the multi-select feature of the lattice to select more than one folder, so you can select all your shortcuts in one go. Be sure to have the WiX Toolset before you install Wax! It is a Visual Studio extension.

Using the Visual Studio Extension Manager, either by installing the software from the Visual Studio Marketplace or by downloading the binary files and double-clicking Wax. visix in your Microsoft Outlook browser. Wax Editor is a WiX project management utility, so you should have the WiX Toolset on. Here we are assuming that you already have a project that you would like to implement.

Wachseditor collects the outputs of the chosen objects to be deployed and all traces to fill the file listing. To take full advantage of this utility, all installable executables should be part of the current work. Non-built-in related data, such as read-me data or documentations, should be added to the current file, with the builds to content and copies to destination directory always copy or copy when newer.

Following this example will eliminate the need to fiddle around with extra WiX projects by hand. Now if you don't have a WiX setup in your application yet, make a new one: Click File in the Visual Studio, click New, and then click Projection. Rename your current file and click OK.

WiX Setup Editor is found in the Visual Studios '' Tools' tab. Upon parenting the objects all data of the builds groups builds, ContentFiles and the localized resource dlls are gathered. To provide the icon file with your current design, select the Make icons available icon on the toolbar.

This section is completed when a checkmark in the upper right hand side of the screen indicates this. When you have made design changes to your application while the editor is open, click the Update icon. 1 ) Choose the WiX configuration you want to work on. First, choose the WiX projects you want to work on.

When there is only one set-up projekt in the fix, it is already chosen. Editor must know the wix files home folder definitions. Just choose it from the elements in the combobox. When you have a new WiX set-up projekt built, there is only one and it is called FOLDER INSTALL.

3 ) Choose the project(s) to be installed. Choose the project(s) you want to instal. Maybe this is just the one executable in your application. Traceability is recognized and does not need to be specifically chosen, so it is not displayed in the dropdown menu; test objects are also disabled by setting the standard.

However, if you feel that a specific task is lacking here, click the Show All Tasks button to display each task in the workaround. When you choose a WiX object, each selected object is added to the WiX object list so that the construction order is accurate and you can use object listings in your WiX object.

4 ) Make the folder assignments. When you need to provide a file in an INSTALLFOLDER subdirectory, you must specify or assign it here. When you start with an empty WiX definition file, simply click the "+" in the right hand side of each folder to generate the WiX definition file.

When the WiX configuration already contains folders, a combobox appears where you can choose the location assigned to the project's destination folders. 5. Make the filename associations. All outputs of the chosen subprojects are displayed in the filename association listing. When you start with an empty WiX configuration, all your WiX data is displayed in color and the status is All.

Choose all your data and click on the "+" in the right hand side of the screen to add all your data. When you edit an exisiting WiX configuration that you have either edited yourself or used the Harvest utility, for example, files may appear as "Unique" or "Ambiguous". "Unique " means that there is only one single filename with that name in the entire package, so it is likely to be the same as the filename to be used.

In the right hand side of the screen, click on the "? sign to verify the agreement. "Indistinct " means that there are several data sets with the same name. You can use the combobox to choose the appropriate one. The Wax utility will add a new name to your set-up program . wax. Save all the configuration you have made in the above procedure.

Be sure to store this at the same time as your current job, as it contains all the information you need to keep the job running. Make sure also that the WiX data is stored (.wxs, . wxi). The Wax function adds a ComponentGroupRef nodal for all groups of components it has created to the first thing it finds in your work.

When you have only one function specified, that is okay; when you have more than one function in your set-up program, copy or move the items as you like. You should now be able to create the set-up file. Join this project:

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