Wix Ipad App

Ipad Wix App

Troubleshoot Tablet Live Site issues | Help Center To troubleshoot problems with your online site on a tray, please try the following trouble-shooting steps:. Be sure to use the latest release of your favorite charting software and make sure your charting software is Wix (Chrome or Safari) compliant. Otherwise, you can get a new web browsing application from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Empty your browser's memory and cookie. To clear the tray on your computer, please select from the dropdown menu below: Support for Wix page display OS on the iPad and tablet: Support for Wix page display in iPad and iPad tables: Note that the iPad and tray do not have the same features as desktops and may take longer to download large websites.

Additionally, some functions on tables may not be displayed correctly. Because of the low data flow with these units, we do not currently test the feature and do not provide assistance for problems that may occur on tables or the iPad. When you have a problem with an iPad or tray, please obey our recommendations: Not displayed on the iPad or tray.

As a result, a line of text may extend and appear over two rows on the site. When you see this, try widening the text field a little so that a blank appears after the text. When you have a large text field that contains an empty area with pictures or other items in the empty area, the items on the page may be aligned incorrectly.

Important: You cannot see your website on an iPad or tray until it has been released. Cannot modify your website on an iPad or an iPad tray. Please click here to cast your votes for this function. iPhone and Android trays do not provide either wallpaper nor scroll for parallaxes.

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