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Wix.com offers stunning designs and an easy-to-use website builder. Known for its simple website builder, with a drag-and-drop interface and a development wonderland for absolute beginners, Wix is a great place to start. This Wix Help article provides more information about how to use the Wix Editor to add a widget to your Wix ADI Web site. To add your menu to your Wix page!

On the left side of the editor, click "Add".

Web site builders Wix add PumaPay crypto currency payment to their site

In the crypto currency payment business, not everything revolves around Bitcoin and Ethereum. Early this year, Cypriot block chain manufacturer, Decentralized Vision, ended the privately held PumaPay sales after collecting $117 million and immediately became the 7th largest ICO of all time, according to CryptoCompare. PumaPay today announces that website build and Wix site hosted has added PumaPay's PullPay protocol as one of its payment methodologies that could allow merchant companies to receive payment in PumaPay's PMA Token through their Wix sites.

The Wix site provides a website build and management tool that allows the user to build a web site without having to study how to encode. Point-and-click systems have become established: since the foundation of the business in 2006, over 110 million people have created web sites. PumaPay's PullPay log provides crypto currency payment in day-to-day business and eliminates many of the problems other crypto currencies are plagued with - namely low speed and low commission.

One of the features of PrumaPay is the fast transaction rate and the low fees paid. So, is it simple for Wix surfers to include CumaPay as an optional feature for Wix-based sites? When fully deployed, CumaPay allows you to choose among a number of different methods of credit. On top of the classic one-time transaction, it offers periodic floating or fix amount transfers, pay-per-use, limited transaction and splitting transfers.

It' s not yet clear how many Wix customers will use the new pay method, but PumaPay is preparing to manage the transaction volumes. So, what's next for PumaPay? With today's announcements, PumaPay's partner ecosystem will be continued in parallel with new products.

It has already become something of an icon of grown-up amusement, driving deals for Vivid Entertainments, ImLive, AEBN and others. Companies from other sectors that use CumaPay are Fashion TV, CBill, rent24, Backpack.io and ExposeBox.

Facebook and Google rating widgets embedded on a Wix site

We' ll give you step-by-step instructions in this guide on how to incorporate Facebook, Yelp and Google review into any Wix site. As soon as you sign in to your Wix. log in to your Wix Money bookers page, choose the website in your dashboard that you want to administer and that will take you to Site Manager. This is how our feedback forms Facebook, Yelp and Google look at feedback in a Wix website:

Hopefully this tutorial will help you enhance your Wix website.

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