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Middletown, NY, died at his home on Thursday, December 17. During World War II Calvin worked for the U.S. Navy; he withdrew as an engineer for Kiley Mueller Middletown and was a member of Teamster's Local 210; was a member of Ontario Engine & Hose Co #5, Middletown; he was a quick jug for their sofball squad; was an enthusiastic modeling fanatic and played in multiple outfits.

Studios Kunsttherapie: Cultivation of the Artist Identity in the Arts Therapist - Catherine Hyland Moon, Mildred Lachman-Chapin

Catherine Moon argues that the practice of artistic therapies has its origins in the gym setting and suggest that now is the right moment to regain these origins and put the arts back at the heart of artisticotherapy. It indicates that there has been a trend for artistic therapies not only to interoperate with and be enhanced by other viewpoints - psychologic, societal, anthropologic and trans-personal - but to be subsumed by them.

This is why she makes a clear differentiation between using the arts in her own therapeutic practices and working according to an art-based mode. Here we present a paradigm of artistic therapeutics in which the product and process of artistic expression form the heart of the paradigm, rather than providing an impulse for the adaptation of other theory of counseling or therapeutic work.

It' s about how an art-based approaches can educate the practitioner in all facets of the practitioner's work, from the concept of the work and the effort to comprehend the needs of the patient to the interaction with the patient and communication with others about the occupation of artistic work. Tales about the work of artistic practitioners, artistic practitioners, college and college children and those seeking help in artistic therapies are incorporated into the books to introduce and bring to live the theoretical principles of gym artistic work.

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