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Join this simple tutorial to set up live chat chat on your WiX-based website and answer your online visitors' questions in real time. Chat Live Overview | WIX App Market The Live Chat is a live chat and helpdesk application for support and on-line selling. Live chat on your website means that local users can ask you a question and get an answer in no time. Gather feed-back and boost your conversations with Live Chat - a live chat application for instant messaging, email and more.

Live Chat for Wix from LiveChat lets you reach your clients while they are on your site, see live interaction with your pages, and guide your clients through the buying experience. And it makes your support experience more effective by allowing you to conduct several live chat meetings simultaneously, sending saved answers to common queries, browsing chat logs, and sending messages to clients via the live chat screen.

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LiveChat WiX Integrator Tutor

Link your WiX website to LiveChat to get your website traffic going. Installing it will take only a few moments and opens up many opportunities to boost your revenue and offer better support. Perform the following procedures to get LiveChat installed on your WiX site: Log in to your WiXccount.

In the field of the page to which you want to attach LiveChat, click the Edit site icon. Then click the Append to Site icon. If you already have a LiveChat email address, choose Connection If. And if you don't have a LiveChat subscription yet, click the Create one link and log in.

Enter your LiveChat sign-in e-mail and your passphrase in the pop-up box and validate. To complete the edit, click the Publish icon in the upper right hand corner ofthe onscreen. Once you have connected to your site and your site, the application becomes activated and you can chat with your site users.

Please note that you must be signed in to LiveChat with one of the available LiveChat apps to chat with the people. While LiveChat is not featured in the WiX portable edition, there is a work-around. Allows you to make a customized icon and include a chat directly to it. All you have to do is make a shortcut, modify its text and append your chat directly to it.

This can be done by pressing the icon in your text processor and modifying its preferences. Remember to remember to save your changes by pressing Done at the bottom of the field. Launch the free LiveChat test version!

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