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Live Wix Chat App

The Live Chat is a live chat and helpdesk software for customer service and online sales. Wix-Integration: Add LiveChat to your website. The LiveChat Helpdesk software is recommended. Ranking of the best free chat for Wix: Simply add a chat plugin to your Wix site in minutes.

The Wix Chat Overview | Help Center

Include Wix Chat in your website and help your local people! If you are available for chat, the chat window will appear on your website. You can chat with your friends or you can launch the chat. Wix Chat can be added to your website on the Wix App Market.

In the Editor, open the Wix App Market and browse for Wix Chat. Changing your chat state is possible via Wix Inbox (on your computer) or via the Wix Mobile App (on your mobile phone). In order to modify your chat state from your computer, go to the Wix Inbox and click on the chat symbol at the top right.

In order to switch your chat state from your cell phones, open the Wix App and touch Enable Chat... on your cell phones in the Quick Launch menu to chat with your guests from anywhere! The app notifies you when a user is chatting with you. In order to chat with a user, go to the Inbox page and choose the user you want to chat with.

Choose the news you want to reply to on the menu on the far right and begin entering it.

Wix Websites Online Support Plugin

Type in the agent detail and click "Add Agent" at the bottom of the screen. Click the Departments and Code tabs. Press 'Add department'. Type a division name and allocate operations to it by selecting the check box. Now you will see that a new section has been added. Any number of employees can be assigned to a division according to your chosen schedule.

Please click on the Copy your 4 line license button. Please copy these Javascript codes so that you can insert them into Wix. Log in to your Wix-Editor and select the page "Master". Choose'HTML' from the drop-down menu. Choose the'HTML Code' from the drop-down menu of the session.

It may be necessary to customize the position and view the previews a few and a half to customize the live chat position to your website outline.

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