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LIVE-WIX-SUPPORT PERSON? Combination of Live Chat, Helpdesk, Voice & Video Chat. Wix does not currently offer live chat support. Put LiveChat on your WiX website to contact online visitors.

Wix live chat plugin to turn blog visitors into customers and provide real-time customer service.

Wix livechat plug-in | Live chat softwares

Incorporate the live chats and get in touch with your prospective and existing clients. Please note: Visitors tracing does not work under WIX because it does not support the addition of Javascript codes to your website. When you click on the "+" symbol on the leftside of the display, a new section will be added to your website.

At the end of the dropdown box, click "Apps". Click the name of the embed you want to add to a page in the Web Embed section. Browse down to the "Button Appearance" section and click "Embed Buttom". Please copy and paste the following section of our codes.

This is how you build and associate a pushbutton with your widget:

This is how you build and associate a pushbutton with your widget: As shown below, copy the direct shortcut of your Widgets as you will use it later in this example. Click "+" -> Buttons & Menus -> Button to apply a new badge to your website. Include a web URL in your web page and insert the direct shortcut you copy in your copy intep 1.

Because Wix does not allow you to just make a phone icon if you want to fade it out on the wallpaper of your website, simply pull the icon over an icon on your website, right click, choose "Arrange" and "Return". Hides the icon behind the picture in a wallpaper but remains in the portable world.

In order to display a portable copy of your website from your desk, click on the telephone symbol in the top right of the screen, choose "Edit portable view" and place your key wherever you want. If you want to create a shortcut to your website menu: When you want to have the instant messenger in your browser as well, you can create it from the Wix Editors (Desktop View).

Click first on Pages (1st symbol in your leftside menu) -> Insert -> Links -> Webadress. Copy and insert the shortcut links (from point 1) and click "OK". There should be a new shortcut in the website top menue. The website user should be able to open your conversation by simply pressing the click pad or click pad you added.

Till Wix is able to offer support for stationary widgets, the following restrictions are not included in this article: automatic viewing and the possibility to call conversations via the agent's instant message board are not allowed. Users will not be displayed on the real-time monitor message board unless they open the instant message links. Customization of the color of the Widget is currently not available.

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