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And if you can't log in to your account, select a reason below: The Wix is a web publishing platform that allows users to host and edit websites. When you can't see your dashboard, click "My Pages" in the top menu. Three: Transfer all domains associated with your Wix account. I was always frustrated with plug-ins for my website, but for the first time the membership form was actually simple and perfectly integrated into my Wix page.

Where do I connect my Wix website with my Wix website and with the member login buttons I have created on the website?

If you don't want to reply to this question, please click Login/ Registration icon and the following message will appear. Hi, you can insert a page wrap on this page so that the first part is the credentials and insert a requirement, if it matches the requirements, you can get it.

We do not, however, allow login requests for usernames and passwords as your request may be jammed by our automated phishing detection system and may result in account blocking. Best of all, the best I can give you is that instead of using your user name and passphrase box, you can try to use the login key, or just the e-mail box, where if they enter their e-mail addresses (on condition), they will be able to go through the blank.

I can' t use the wix.com login page to modify my website......

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