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In order to view your website on a mobile device, make sure that the device and browser you are using are supported: To create your own free mobile app, click below, no programming required. The Wix even allows website owners to customize templates in the mobile view. Sites may be password-protected or may require registration for membership or login. Hi, I was pumped when I finally worked out all the bugs on my desktop and my mobile form that I created for my website.

The Wix Websites: Hiding items on your desk, showing them on your phone | Wix Designer | Denver Web Design

First of all, make sure that your development tools are enabled (under Tools > Development Tools > Checking on: Property Panels andidden Elements). Then choose the one you want to conceal on your desk and display on your phone. Activate "Hidden under load": In order to fade out elements on the screen, but then display them on the phone, add this key to the page keypad ( extend the page key at the bottom of the page ): Here's the key - just replace "your_second_element's_ID" with the name of your elements or group.

Wix embed form: The page will scroll at the top of the phone when you click on a box.

Hi, I was getting blown up when I worked out all the errors on my desk top and my mobile forms that I made for my website. Sadly it looks like I have to put my stuff into my wix HTTPS codebox on my website and scale it all up with a really big one.

Yeah, that's no biggie, but what's a biggie is that whenever I click on a box, it rolls me back to the top of the page anytime! above mention: If I redirected to this second page but to my own domainname, how can I keep my default values on my second page?

1 ) Try to embed your forms into your website using a different technique. You can ask our other supporter about it, but let's try the first iframe method: 2) In the Advanced designer utility, choose "Mobile Responsiveness": Meanwhile, I'm gonna go check out the Wix-app. Only with the layout's "make this shape responsive" it looks better and even let me get into a box without firing myself into the bottom of the page, but after typing in a value it instead fired me to the bottom of my site.

One had to scrolls vertical and lateral to see the whole shape. Combining the two proposed techniques, it seemed exactly the same as the second one, but after I had stepped into a box, everything seemed to be squeezed onto the same row (had more columns) and then this times shoot me to the bottom of the shape when I tried to type something into a box.

All I want is this page with my U R in the Adressleiste. Combining the contained forums, getting started with the wix mobile editor wix and gaming with the embedded website's size windows, I was able to have a solid shape that didn't go everywhere when trying to fill in boxes.

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