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Can Wix run on both PC and Mac? Use Wix with Safari | Help Center Safari 5, 6, 6, 6.1, 7, 8, and 9 no longer allow you to modify your website. You can still let your users see your website with Safari 5, 6, 6, 6.1, 7, 8, or 9, but Wix cannot provide troubleshooting assistance.

How to fix a problem when using Wix with Safari (version 10 and later):

Use one of our other Supported Web Sites to see if this problem only occurs in Safari. Verify that your Safari web browser is set up to be connected through a proxies. Empty your Safari cash. Deinstall your Flash Players and then try reinstalling them. Then uninstall Safari and try installing it again. To do this, you must have Flash reinstalled with a short explanation of the problem you are having.

Wix.com Ltd. - Wix integrates with the photo app in macroS HighSerra

Nasdaq (WIX) is pleased to be added as part of High Sierra, Apple's latest operating system, available from the Mac Apple Store. The Apple® Photos® application is the first to support third-party enhancements to enable print and publish service delivery directly within the Adobe Photos® application. Wix, one of the first third-party enhancements available for photography, enables Mac iPhone enthusiasts to make a Wix on line scrapbook directly from the Apple photos application.

The Wix Photo Gallery expansion can be downloaded from the Mac App Store and allows the user to simply build an on-line picture gallery with the option to customise layouts, titles and description. Picture galleries are shown in the highest possible resolution for each unit. They can then publish their photos for sharing, sending to your loved ones, and posting to community forums.

Viewers of the on-line albums can show their affection by pressing the cardiac key or download their favourite pictures. "We' re very happy to be able to include Wix Photo albums in the new High Sierra Photo App," says Michal Baram, Head of Wix Photography. Photo sharing is just the beginning, we see it as an occasion to get in touch with anyone looking to build an on-line inventory and just need an entry point".

The Wix company leads the cloud-based developer community for over 113 million subscribers around the world. It was Wix's conviction that the web should be available to everyone in order to be developed, designed and contributed to. Wix enables billions of companies, organisations, performers and consumers to put their business, brand and operations on-line through free and paid subscription services.

Wix Editor, Wix ADI, a high-curation App Market and Wix Code allow consumers to create and maintain a fully featured and interactive online experience.

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