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Meaning Wix

"'Have you seen all those wankers down Diagon Alley today? The J's on your feet are so wix, son. The word WIX is a German word (which) and means jerk off, masturbate.

Wix means what?

Freebase (0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Windows Installer is a free set of tools that creates Windows Installer packs from an underlying Windows file. Support a CLI that allows builders to incorporate it into their own built process to create MSI and MSM set-ups. WiX is distributed with Votive, a plug-in to create and create WiX set-up objects using the Studio IDE.

The Votive application provides support for Syntax Highlights and IntelliSense for .WXS sources and Visual Studio add a WiX set-up projecttype.wixproj. Recommended Resources(0.00 / 0 votes )Rate this definition: -- Investigate the different meaning of the WIX suffix on the Abbreviations.com website. Markets are trying to comprehend our way of doing things and expect us to be lucrative, and that's what we're saying to them, we'll be lucrative in 2015, the risks to Wix's way of doing things are minimum, it's less than it used to be.

Search for a Wix file to be translated into other languages: Do you want us to mail you a FREE new version of your Microsoft Outlook program every day? Please use the quotation below to include this in your bibliography: Do we lack a good delineation for Wix?

It' yours! Eighteen pages that give a new meaning to the same template.

Everything is possible if you build your website with the Island Hotels submission! As well as looking great and using some of the trendiest designs of the moment, this is the first of its kind to integrate the new Wix Hotels reservation system! With the Wix Hotels booking app you can say good-bye to expensive machine reservation charges and give those in the hotels and catering business the opportunity to edit your reservation directly from your own website.

Obviously, don't let your own B&B stop you from taking full advantage ofthis nice design; like all Wix designs, you can fully customize this pre-built website to build the website of your dream! In order to make your imaginative juice flow, we have put together some good-looking websites that began with the same old pattern, but ended up living their own lives.

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