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Tomatometer ratings - predicated on the views expressed by hundred of cinema and TV reviewers - are a reliable measure of the overall picture and TV program experience of million filmgoers. This is the percent of critical ratings that are favorable for a particular program by professionals. Tomato meter is 60% or higher.

Tomato meter is 59% or lower. Films and TV shows are Certified Fresh with a continuous tomatometer of 75% or higher after a certain number of review (80 for large releases, 40 for restricted releases, 20 for TV shows), of which 5 are Top Critics review. Proportion of viewers who give a film or TV show a positive rating.

Mix Wix Klicks Pictures, Stripes, Stripes

I' ve toyed a bit with the Wix betas, a new free website that lets you build Flash pages without having to know Flash. WYSIWYG allows you to draw forms, insert clips, type style, video and sound, use built-in wallpapers or even load your own, and even use wide screens such as navigational menu and dance-skeleton.

If Wix shows closing meta state, get ready for a web where stupid Flash pages are unbelievably simple to create. It' s impressive robustness, although the betas have their flaws - for example, it wouldn't invalidate 10/10 as a legitimate birth date; I had to switch it to 11/11 to sign up:

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