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One Mobile App that your small business needs to be successful. Their website is the core and spirit of your on-line operational readiness level. Ultimately, it is the place where prospective customers can find you, where they can find everything they need to know about you, where they can make excellent service bookings or where they can buy your own personalized brand. That' s why we have developed a way for you to connect with your customers and administer your website or shop - all from the convenience of your mobile phone.

We introduce you to the Wix Mobile App: It is developed to give you up-to-date alerts about your company so you don't miss a thing. Get to know all the amazing features of the Wix Mobile App to make your mobile phone a little easier: That' s why every visit to your Wix Mobile App will be notified each year.

Forty-four percent of on-line shoppers say that one of the most important functions a website can provide is to immediately answer their question via instant messaging while shopping on-line. It is also possible to check and answer the submission of your contacts directly via the "Inbox" function - you no longer have to maintain your computer.

There is nothing nastier than keeping your customers waiting to show your customers that you are taking good care of them by reacting to them immediately. Regardless of how your customers decide to contact you, you can easily react to them. You can now manage your shop anywhere, at any time. Wix Mobile App gives you the liberty and flexibility to keep track of all the activity in your shop - so you can know more about things than ever before.

You can also keep an eye on orders and email confirmations to customers eager to receive their parcels. With just one click you can immediately include your new product in your shop. All changes you make in the mobile app are copied to your branch manager's Desktop copy of the app by default.

Suppose you use Wix Bookings for your one of a kind services or Wix Hotels to administer your accommodations. Whenever a customer makes a booking, you will get a ''push'' message on your mobile phone. Review and administer all your room prices in your booking diary and easily make any necessary price changes.

In this way, no matters where you are in the whole wide globe (walks with your dogs between your meeting, sails in the Mediterranean or climbs on Kilimanjaro), thanks to the many functions of the Wix Mobile App, you can be sure that your customers will be satisfied and listened to with a website that is 100% up to date.

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