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Mobile Wix Editor

The Wix Mobile Editor is your mobile editor! To edit the mobile screen after making changes on the full screen website. Wellcome to the new and improved Wix Mobile App! In the Wix Mobile Editor, choose Edit Mobile View.

Mobile Wix Designer Tips | Wix Designer | Denver Web Design

The Wix Editor has a great mobile editor that allows you to move around and/or change the sizes or hides objects in the mobile display with ease. Some of my Wix Designer hints on how to choose an element, uniformly enlarge an element, and move an element in the Wix Mobile Editor are shown in this tutorial film.

Below are some samples of the Wix Designer hints given in this video: Click, drag-and-drop, and select: You can click and drag-and-drop the dropdown list to quickly choose elements from both the mobile and your Wix desktops to choose elements or more. You can use the W (width) and M ( height) sizes in the toolbar to uniformly dimension the button, or make sure that your page title is always exactly the same location from page to page.

Wix Mobile Layout - Denver Website Design Tips

Being a webstyler in Denver, I think Wix is one of the best mobile platform for easy to customize mobile partitions. Wix, instead of having a "responsive" lay-out, gives you full mobile lay-out controls. That means you can rearrange and/or disable various desktops to enhance the mobile visual experiences.

They can even turn off the "mobile" viewing and display the desktops instead, which works well for some designs. In order to display and modify the mobile page lay-out, click on the "Mobile" symbol in the top right corner of your Wix Editor: In the mobile editor, you can use this button to scroll through all items on a page:

Command M to scroll through the panels. It is very useful if you have many pieces on the page and cannot find them all when they are behind other pieces. Show or hide Mobile Editor items: You can show or hide Mobile Editor elements by selecting the crossed-out eyeball symbol when you click an element in the Mobile Editor.

It is also possible to display concealed mobile artifacts by tapping on the same symbol in the left-hand editor panel. Lost Organs in Mobile Editor? Occasionally I had problems with the fact that parts of my Mobile Editor have disappeared in Wix even though they are not displayed as concealed parts and can't be found anywhere when I scroll through every part of the Mobile with the "M command".

This sometimes assists me in finding "lost" items, they will appear again in the mobile editor when I copy, erase and insert them back into the desktop editor. It' probably a wix error, but this will hopefully fix your problem if you miss a mobile item in the Mobile Editor.

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