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In the past, Wix websites were the worst when it came to the mobile web. The Wix has all kinds of useful features for SEO, such as mobile optimization. Problems with the layout of the mobile-friendly view | Help Center

Different viewpoints of the same website are your desktops and mobile viewpoints. Mobile viewing is generated from the contents of your Desktop screen for you to use. When your mobile screen does not look the way you want it to, please see our suggestions below: to get to know how to choose superimposed items. to see if they look better. items on your mobile screen. to get to know how to use Ctrl + M to scrolls through your items to see if you can find something that is creating the blanks. to our support team.

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The use of mobile computing is on the rise: by 2015, more mobile users are expected to use mobile phones than PCs to go live. It is a sector that is experiencing inexorable growth, thanks in part to the iPhone, iPad and Android series. Portable version of web sites will soon be indispensable for a number of local companies such as restaurant and shops.

The mobile trade will also grow strongly in the years to come, so it is important that your shop is accessible via a mobile phone. The use of a smart phone to connect to a website that is not optimised for mobile use can be a challenging one. Since the beginning of 2010 Webnode offers mobile version of its web sites.

Jimdo's Web site was mobilized in May of this year. Wix.com has also recently published a website building tool for mobile pages (alpha release). In the past, Wix Web pages were the hardest when it came to the mobile Web. Webs.com has now also added a mobile website aversion. Others such as Squarespace, Yola and Homestead have not yet offered mobile editions for web pages on their platform.

That means that mobile browser try to display these pages completely - so smart-phone user have to magnify and unzoom a bit, which can be a bit annoying. The mobile use of the web is already important today and will increase in the not too far away future.

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