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If potential customers see your website on the move, they are looking for specific information. Seventeen beautiful Wix websites that have become mobile. Ever since the introduction of our new mobile application a few days ago, more and more Wix mobile phone owners have been getting mobile and doing it with sophistication. New Mobile Notepad provides great customisation capabilities and a great easy user experience. In just a few mouse clicks, you have a beautiful mobile website up and run.

A large number of Wix web pages are optimised for mobile advertising on a daily basis. We' re always amazed at how people use the new Mobile Notepad to create stunning mobile editions of their pages. We' ve chosen some samples to be shared with the Wix Fellowship as a resource for those who are not yet mobile.

Getting your website mobile is simpler than ever, so what are you up to? Immerse yourself in the mobile mind!

Creating a Mobile Website with Wix Mobile Editor - How AUTOMATIC is it?

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Enable Wix Live Chat on your mobile website

This is the right place if you have already created a webcast on your Wix Desk page and want to activate it on your mobile page. Wix does not natively offer fix positions in mobile viewing (which is our app). To activate the mobile viewing, just append a pushbutton that is only viewable on your mobile website and create a hyperlink to your special Chat Online address.

In order to set up a stand-alone live chat hyperlink that you can use for mobile phones, e-mail signs, or anywhere else, first go to the Wix Editor application preferences. Search the Mobile URL box and type your short name, usually your company name or your company name without blanks or symbols. This function is only activated for Premier Planes.

As soon as you have entered your nickname, you will see a hyperlink that allows you to open your online chats in a separate web page. You can use the createdURL to directly hyperlink to the instant message. Next, make a shortcut on your desktop screen and click a shortcut to the above mentioned address. As soon as the icon is added, click it to open the icon preferences.

Note the shortcut symbol, click on it to attach the stand-alone shortcut to the shortcut. If you are back in the desktops pane and only want to show this pushbutton in your Mobile pane, right-click the pushbutton (in the desktops pane) and choose Arrange --> Return to Back to hide it behind and Picture or other level.

Lastly, go to your Mobile Notepad and you should see your new buttons visibly in the Notepad. Now your chat is activated on your mobile Wix page!

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