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Multi-language menu options on the phone | Help Center Your portable website's portable menus are generated from the pages of your website. There are several ways to view your website on your phone. When you want all your pages to be available from the portable menus, make sure none of your pages are faded out so that both language are displayed.

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Set up your mobile website videos | Help Center

Make your own portable website with your own visual. How to setup your camcorder for your portable website: You can click on your movie in the portable editor. To turn the Movie Lock function on or off, click the button next to In a Cycle. Play the movie when you play it again. Play the movie once. Choose an item under When are control elements displayed?

Operating elements are always visible. Operating elements are always concealed. Visitors to your website cannot check the content of the film. You can see the operating elements when your website visitors move their mouse over the videotape. Notice: Stage 4 is only available on YouTube movies.

Wix and App Store

Discover a whole new way to interact with users and manage your business, wherever you are. With your own mobile storage - fully customizable in the Wix application - you can start discussions, create a blogs, organize events, offer membership plans, make reservations and more. Invite your contacts to sign up as members and enjoy all the benefits of your own application.

The Wix application is perfect for your business, increases your network presence, offers a fully customizable user interface and incredible features, and manages a community? There are no limits to your creativity: Do you have your own blogs? Send invitations, share updates or reminders, and allow anyone to book and buy tickets from your mobile phone.

You do not need a Wix website to create your mobile storage space. Just install the application to invite your contacts as members: Do you have an invitation? The Wix application is free for everyone who works with one click on another computer. Wix para:

Create your own area in the application and invite your contacts to sign up as members. Invite people to become members so they can start discussions, share posts, make reservations, plan your services, and more, right from your seat in the Wix application. Start a live chat with members, answer customer messages and create group chat, don't miss a thing!

Upload photos from your mobile phone or take photos directly to the application and use them in your chat rooms, forums, shops or blogs. Instant notifications and reminders receive notifications about every sale in 24/7 format. Welcome to the new and improved Wix Mobile application! Now you can manage your websites and your business from your own mobile storage space, which is fully customizable in the Wix application.

Invite your contacts as members and enjoy all the benefits of your own application, without costs and setbacks. Up to six members of a family may use this application as long as the Family Sharing feature is enabled.

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