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Wix.com offers stunning designs and an easy-to-use website builder. Ranking of the best free music players for Wix: Simply add a Music Player plug-in to your Wix site in minutes.

Website storefront window with Wix' My Band Website' music template

My Band Website", one of the most striking Wix template, has been developed specifically for the needs of artists. Today's musician is fortunate to find a solution that allows them to manage their own career and their own brands without having to spend much extra effort on non-musical issues.

The My Volume website is a great stepping stone to get your gig started with. MyBandWebsite" contains special areas of the homepage for big pictures, performance listings and streamedudio. Stylised inside pages offer you intuitional possibilities for photogalleries, biojumps of the bandmembers, gallery sale and a personal feedbackformular.

With the Wix Editor it's simple to turn this pattern into your own personalised and nice on-line presentation. Any number of applications can be integrated into your website from here, depending on your individual needs: As you begin your work, My Band Website offers powerful, atmospheric colours and angular forms that interacts with the wallpaper - a good place to begin for a music-oriented web site that requires a high level of usability expertise.

Take a look at the following presentation to see how different Wix people have integrated this into their own custom sites. Build a Wix Music website today!

By launching its new album entitled Wingmusic, Wix is targeting independent musician.

Wix.com, a medium-sized web host, is trying to make it into the music world. WixMusic, the Israel-based technology group, today announces the release of WixMusic, a vertically integrated technology that offers independent artists an opportunity to promote their brands and promote their music on-line. WixMusic gives independent artists easy entry to a set of tools for the portable music business, such as a music player, streamlined content repository, track and trace, and website template.

However, the greatest attraction of the franchise is probably its capacity to directly market music without using an intermediary function that asks players to deduct part of their profit. According to Wix, WixMusic users retain 100 per cent of the profit from their music purchases, which means that the Wix is totally commission-free.

Wix in February said it would fill the gap in webhosting in Microsoft Office 365 and replace the now disassembled public sites function in SharePoint Online. In November last year, Wix signed an agreement with the Bigstock photographic marketing platform, which made its 21 million-plus image collection available to Wix customers at a reduced rate.

This transaction was a straightforward opportunity for Wix's nearest rival, Squarespace, which had recently entered into a license agreement with Getty Images.

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