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Build a website to promote and sell your music. Creating a music website | Band and musicians websites Select from a dozen attractive, fully customisable themes to give your music the home it deserves when it' re played on-line. Let your supporters know the news about your music. See in-depth statistics on music, stocks, sells and down-loads. Enable your website supporters to hear, buy and enjoy your music directly from your website.

Wix ShoutOut is a great way to email and split your favorite email in just a few moments.

Administer your contact list and let your website support your fan base. Set up a nice shop on your music website and immediately begin to sell merchandise - free of charge. All you need to organize your music careers directly from your website. Learn how to make your own music website. Select a music style sheet to work with.

In the Wix Music Players, click or go to Wix Music > Wix Music > Wix Music to insert one. Click Organize your music to make an Album, Song, or Play List. Take your pick between streaming, downloading or selling - free of charge. Customise your Wix Music Players.

Web site Wix functions for musician

Select a nice photo galery and upload your best pictures and video. Build a professionally designed EPK to be sent to your agent, media and label. Advertise and advertise your forthcoming shows, merchandise, sales, release and more. Have your audiences see, divide and sign up for them. Generate real-time counts for coming launches & more. Show site maps.

Get your audience to hear, Share, Download and buy your music free of charge. Create a shop on your Wix page to get commission-free sales of your music. It' easy to divide your songs, album and playlist. Use the SoundCloud audioplayer to enjoy your favourite music on your website. Email your supporters with the latest news, announcements and tours.

Build your own nice shop on-line to resell your merchandise. Provide vouchers to help maximize the number of leads and purchases your website will generate.

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