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Problem solver: It is not possible to find a website in your account help center n| Help You can use this troubleshooting tool if you can't find the page you're looking for in your Wix account, or if you can't recall the e-mail you used to set up your Wix account. To find your website, click the following steps: Move your mouse over the control field at the top right of this page.

Please click on Logout. Type the e-mail that will be used for the second account that contains your website. Please type in your username and your password.

Transfer a free website to another Wix account | Help Center

In order to transmit a website: If you click on Transfers Page. Type the e-mail adress of the receiver. Please note: The e-mail adress must be linked to a Wix account. If you click on Transfers Page. Receiver will receive an invitation e-mail from which he must acknowledge the transmission and take the necessary action to collect the property. Conveyancing: As soon as you submit the website, your property in the website is also submitted.

And if you don't want to assign the property, but just want to include someone as a contributing, see Roles & Permissions. Since the account user name is part of the free page URL (e.g. https://username.wixsite.com/sitename), the free page URL changes when you submit the page. You upload files (images, video, etc.) to your Wix account, not to the website.

In order for the new website owners to have full control over these assets, they must submit them to the new account. When you move a website to another account: You will not see your up-loads in the new account's Mediamanager. Every location contact (customers, subscription, etc.) is transferred to the new account and deleted from the old account.

When you have member pages only, your members will be moved to the new account and deleted from the old account. Out-Newsletter will be transfered to the new account and will stay on the old account. When you connect a website to Wix Stores, all your items, collection and preferences are moved to the new account.

Please note: Digitale product will be transmitted, but the file must be submitted after transmission. Title to the Site may only be assigned to one individual visitor at a given point in use. Cancelling the first transmission will result if you start a second transmission before the first is completed. A new Wix-Blog: Once a website has been transfered, it is no longer possible to edit it.

However, you can modify new postings. And you can still turn comments on and off for your contributions, view your contributions, and remove contributions that were posted before they were transferred. Please note: Although you will see blogs on your web site, they will not appear in the Post Manager.

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