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New Wix features

Newest Wix features per month Navigate to the editor and double-click a text field > Under Font Types, click Add Languages > Make your choice of languages. ADI Wix: When you create your website, you have three different layouts to chose from. Chose your favourite theme and create anything you want. Navigate to your website > Go to a section > Click Theme > Click Apply Graph.

Simply click on your company name and select from 4 different size. Join Wix Blog for Wix ADI: Join the breathtaking new Wix Blog on your website and expand your on-line communities with passionate Wixers. Watch the Wix video: You can now select whether you want to view a particular piece of footage from your collection on your website.

Select Wix Video > Preferences > Video > Select Channel or Single Video. Annotations are activated for all your streaming video clips as well. Used to deactivate comments: Navigate to Wix Video > Preferences > Annotations > Disable Video During Streaming. Find out more about the new App Setting section layout.

The Wix saves the view: You can now customise the look of your phone galleries. Navigate to the Editor > Go to Phone > Settings > Select the desired layouts. Blog Wix: Easily add your own covers and select whether to show or fade them out. Members of the forums can now include other members in their postings.

In addition, as a board administrator, you can give members the ability to post using the rich content authoring tool. Using this editors, your members can upload pictures, gallery, videos, partitions, HTML and Mojis to their post. Visit Wix Forums > Preferences > Customize Post Toolbar. The members area of your forums contains statistics for the number ofikes, top commentaries and tops.

A new form that is added to your website is delivered with a standard header that you can modify or remove. Apply new behaviours to your Voicebox, such as Slo-Mo, playback of sound and videos on your move and much more. Build unique websites for clients who have bought a map. Navigate to Editor > Pick the desired page and click Manage Pages > Click Settings, Permissions and click Members Only > Pick Members Only or Paid Clients and pick the appropriate schedule.

Check out a useful guide and tutorial before you begin customizing your website for your phone. Navigate to Editor > Go to Phone. Build your site members around different kinds of membership or user experience (e.g. teacher and student) by creating custom role for them. Blog Wix:

Administrators can now recreate category names on the web site. If administrators are signed in to write a contribution, they can insert new category by going to Mail settings > categories. Video Wix: Select from two preset options and adjust the channels settings: full width stretching, thumbnail resizing, color changing, and more.

Be sure to include more than one field in the form so your users can choose more than one. Navigate to the Editor > Double-click Wix Weather Forms > New Field > Selection > Multi Select Field. Choose elementary client information such as shipping information, order fees and payment, or information about ordered products.

Let professionals write compelling web site contents. You can use the new settings panel at the top of the Wix Editor to quickly and simply get important features and functions for your website. ADI Wix: With the built-in Wix video, you get an instant pro website created for you. You can now use Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to build your website in Spanish.

Easily quickly app your website with high-performance applications from the top panel of the ADI editor - such as instant messaging, web shop, blogs or booking. Build customized products and storage pages by referring to your products library and using addToCart and obtainProduct APIs. Click here to see the list of products and their content. I' m a wix on the phone: Creating your website from your phone gives you impressive pictures from the Free from Wix Collection.

Select from thousands upon thousands o f professionally crafted, high-quality pictures - all for free. The Wix Portable for Wix Stores: With the Wix Mobil application you can easily create your own Wix product and order on the go. Share your services lists with the Wix Code databases, fully personalize your services pages, present offers by site, include users feedback and ratings, and more.

Watch the Wix video: As you manage yourvideochannels, you can quickly take action on a particular video: editing the information, setting the publishing times, removing it from your chanel, and more. Watch Wix Movie Comments: Enable audiences to make commentaries on your movies. Visit Wix Movie > Preferences > Comments page > Spectators can make their own remarks.

Watch the Wix movie on your mobile: Offer your customers a better viewing sensation when watching your movies from their cell phones. Now, when the viewer clicks the View Buttons, your movie will be played directly there instead of a page. Blog Wix: Use the Blog Manager to view, control, filter, manipulate, and manage the contributions of your collaborators. For Wix Blog HTML:

Simply append HTML to your blogs to build surveys, fill out surveys, integrate with other sites, or display advertisements. You can also include partitions in your entries and adjust their styles, sizes, and orientation. Automated email notifications for the Wix Blog: RSS button for Wix Blog: Keep your RSS reader users up to date on all your latest blogs.

Easily include the desired movies in your e-mail campaign - from YouTube, free from Wix and Shutterstock movie libraries, or even post your own. Visit E-mail Marketing > Create > Video> Create a Movie from My Movies > Select a Movie. Visit your website > Click Get Subscribers > Preferences > GDPR > Consent Required.

Wix Editor no longer supports this function. In order to generate new listings, instead append a repeat. Navigate to Wix Editor > Advanced > Advanced > Lists and Grid > Select a repeat and adjust it with your own text, pictures and more. Make custom blueprints, incorporate advantages and let your clients experience your goods and service over an extended timeframe.

NEU Wix on the cell phone: Build your website directly from your phone. Their answers will help the AI of the Mobile Editor to get to know you better and build a customized website that you will like. Upgrades to the HTML component preferences window provide access to wixcode resource and analysis and reporting capabilities.

Use the new Mediapreferences to view a complete picture in a section or customize it to your own look. Select between wallpaper video, YouTube and Vimeo up-loads. State-of-the-art features include variables and parentheses highlighted, automatic suggestions for codes, new style features, and much more. Customise the purchase process for your clients.

Insert or delete boxes from your check-out page, browse to the necessary boxes, and check the box for shop policies. In the Wix Editor, go to Wix Stores > Advanced Settings for Wix Stores > Store Settings for Wix Stores > Customize Your Checkout. for Wix Stores > Customize Your Checkout. menu item. Modify your website and make it your own in Wix Editor. Specify whether you want to view one or more simultaneous incidents.

Watch the Wix video: Immediately post your Wix Movie content to YouTube and Facebook - from preview and trailer to full movie. Enhance your movies with this breathtaking styling function. Select a movie, select your playback preferences, and adjust the look of your MovieBox with patterns and more. Build and complete any kind of forms on your website.

Select from 10 customisable template options and collect the information you need from your users. Place a purchase order as a Wix Art Store retailer and receive a one-time 20% rebate. Changing the Wallpaper in Mobile: The Mobile Editor allows you to edit the wallpaper of your website simply by dragging and dropping.

Wix App social contributions: Generate and personalize social mail to connect with your clients. Presents contributions, photographs and video to increase your preferences and approvals. Pick a page style, pick the types of items you want to present, and specify how often you want the contents to be up-dated. Easily subcategorize forums and organize them directly from your web site.

Blog Wix: You can now make your contributions even more impressive: customise your gallery, adding picture headers and image linkages, embedding YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook video, and more. ADI Wix: Your portable website is built using your own desktops. In your portable perspective, you can modify the theme or show and hide elements in page segments.

Animation in Mobile: Activate or deactivate animation from your website's portable screen by hand. Generate your e-mail and insert excerpts of your own codes to setup your triggered events or embed your own dynamically generated contents. Locate useful hyperlinks to items in the preferences window so you know exactly when and how to apply your own custom coding.

Simply build and personalize your restaurant's attractive menu pages for the web. Modify the preferences and modify your theme to give your phone your own customized look. Video Wix: You can now attach Wix Video to your Wix ADI page. Navigate to Sectional view > Video Player > Select from nine nice designs.

There are two features in the new spamming filter that give you complete freedom to decide what your members publish. SPAM Words makes sure that contributions and commentaries with words on your spamming lists are not posted. Filled Words turns words into * when they appear in postings and commentaries. You can also adjust the headers heights.

In addition, the Wix forum now support Hebrew and Arabian as well as right-to-left orientation in your feeds and postings. Resizing on the phone: Customize the sizes of new text, pictures, and more to enhance the look of your website on your phone. Watch the Wix video: Customise the look of your advanced viewing, show off videotaped footage next to your footage, show off other footage on the TV and more.

Wix Movie publishes your YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook movies to your website and keeps the contents on your website up to date by publishing your movie description, tag, and tagstyle. I' m Wix Blog: Determine what detail your website users see in your blogs or feeds on the View page in your blogs settings.

The Wix blog also now support Hebrew and Arabian as well as right-to-left orientation. If you are a website user, admin or presenter, you can now select a comments that will be displayed as your top comments. Select from four extra fields types: Every detail you enter is displayed in the Edit Contact dialog for your contact.

Video Wix: Let your users become active - directly from your video. Easily include video clips with mouse-click activity maps to advertise your goods and service, increase your community, and more. I' m Wix Blog: Gain enhanced preferences for each blogs contribution, plus the ability to select your posting date and include added search able items, description and link.

Simply link to any picture or videotape in your Instagrameed, and direct your users directly to your product or service.

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