Wix Office

The Wix Office

For Wix.com, a world-leading cloud-based Web development platform based in Miami Beach, Florida, Stantec designed the offices. Wix Office welcomes you with a wall of windows facing the sea.

Create a Wix site with your Microsoft Office 365 subscription | Help Center

Microsoft Office 365 and Wix are partners! Microsoft Office 365 customers can link their domains to Wix and create a breathtaking website with ease. Use Wix with your Microsoft Office 365 subscription: Log in to your Office 365 accounts. Visit your Office 365 Administration Centre. As soon as you have arrived at our special Wix.com Microsoft Office 365 page, click Now.

Next, login to your Wix accounts. If you already have a Wix Account that you want to use, click I am an exisiting member and type in your login information. As soon as you have created your website and are willing to post it, update to one of our premium plans and then link your Office 365omain to your Wix site.

This is a tutorial: Connect your Office 365 services with Wix | Help Center

Important: This is only a useful guide if you have a Wix address or if you have linked your address to the Wix name server. When your domains are pointing together, please ask your top level provider to do this. Notice: This data is only used to ensure that you own your own domainname.

There is no effect on your domainname. Add an MX record: Add a CNAME record: Please note: After you enter the CNAME entry, you should stay on the Extended page for the next stage. Notice: After typing the TXT entry, you should stay on the Extended page for the next stage.

Add an SRV entry: Please note: It usually lasts about 15 min before DNA changes take effect, but sometimes it may take longer.

Wix.com Office - Miami Beach

For Wix.com, a world-leading cloud-based Web developer headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida, Stantec created the bureau. Wix.com's office is built to hold on to its mostly thousand-year-old workforce and appeal to people. Workplaces with standing workplaces are situated at the window so that all workers have direct acces to natural light and a view of the Lincoln Road district.

Established lounges were provided where the members of personnel could take a break from the day-to-day answers to individual conversations. At the heart of the new offices is Wix's in-house lounges, where the firm offers catering both for breakfasts and lunches. Another adjoining multi-purpose playroom is another area where co-workers can unwind and enjoy swimming, watching films or participating in class.

Pale shades of hardwood and Pop in the colours amber, greens, oranges and blues give the staff a touch of the tropics. Luminous greens swing in the front desk, cabana-like "hang out" rooms with Orange bench and movable cubes and round ottoman chairs that can be navigated around the office. An amusing overhead lamp in the staff lounges also impresses with the Wix emblem and a residential partition next to the entry made of lush greens shows the Wix emblem and at the same time brings the outside inwards.

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