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However, the official price is higher. Is this popular Sitebuilder right for your website? Find out more about its features and disadvantages in our Wix-Test. Have a look who you know on Wix.com, use your professional network and get hired.

It' official: Your Wix website can be on Google in seconds!

So why connect Etsy to a Wix site and how to do it in 10s?

From an unfamiliar website for the purchase of cold, hand-made material, Etsy has evolved into a listed business that last year shipped over $2 billion in goods. When you sell handcrafted goods or singular electronic downloading, Etsy has over 50 million live surfers who buy and sell, so you can easily find people.

There' s no need to be worried about setting up a website or locating folks to buy your wares. I' ll have Etsy do it for you. However, as your company expands, you may find that Etsy does not allow you to do some of the things you need to do, so setting up your own website is a must.

When you have your own website, some suggest that you shut down your Etsy store and abandon Etsy altogether. However, given that Etsy alone raised over $87 million in the third trimester of 2016, do you really think this is the best part? More than 20 million customers are actively buying on Etsy.

These are many opportunities to market your product. Rather than close your Etsy shop, why not link it to a Wix website? The combination of your Wix website with your Etsy shop gives you an integrated resource for your website to generate your own internal market share, which won't be a cent for you. So why should I embed my Etsy on Wix?

When you want a company that has inventory, you have to set it up yourself, not on Etsy. If Etsy began to charge $1000/year for using their site, what would happened to your expanding market? At Etsy, we do a great job advancing our brands on line, in print and on TV. Spending tens of millions of dollars doing your own research on your company's products and services.

Etsy is trusted by a lot of folks who like to buy from them. Things like these may be true about you, but if you have hundreds tens of thousands odds to spend onto Marketing, you wouldn't have to have an Etsy memory. Whilst Etsy is a great site that works really hard to please both buyer and seller, it still has caveats.

Incorporating your Etsy shop into your Wix website enables you to do this: At Etsy, you only get your customers' e-mail address when they make a buy. It is a good place to start, and you should be sending your clients emails on a frequent base. There is no way to get in touch with those who didn't buy on their first visits to your site.

Wix allows you to use one of the listing applications to collect e-mail address information from your website visitor who is not yet a client. Serving the needs of on-line business begins with a website that makes it easier for consumers to find and buy what they want. Ultimately, you need to make it as simple as possible for your clients to shop with you.

One part of the reasons why Etsy is so popular with consumers is that they make it really simple for anyone to buy. The Wix Etsy Store App leads Wix shoppers to the Etsy check-out page if you don't want to worry about creating cart configurations and integration with payments gateway.

Etsy is trusted by our clients and they like to buy from them, so your dropout rate will be lower. When you sell a high-priced product, it can take several hits before they have enough confidence in you to complete a buy. Although there is no "official" number from Etsy, the vendors estimate the sales prices on Etsy at about 20 dollars.

Offering a free buzz on your website in return for an e-mail will make it easy to keep in contact with prospective customers. Once a client looks at your product, there is a menue that leads them to several other Etsy sellers' items. As the Etsy store within a Wix website does not have these hyperlinks, your prospective purchaser will not be able to find similar items from another vendor.

In your dashboard, click the Append tab in the top right hand corner. Click the Attach tab. Enter the words "Etsy" in the Search Apps field at the top of the App Market page. Choose the Etsy Shop application and click the "Add to Website" link. Wix Editor created a new page named Etsy Shop.

Unfortunately you cannot integrate your store into your homepage. When you try to clear this page, please uninstall the Etsy Store application. This page is pre-filled with demonstration information to give you an impression of what the store looks like. In order to be able to view your articles, you must link your store via the preferences.

Just click somewhere in the store and the ovals will appear. At the top of the page you are previewing, click on the Connect Your Store icon. Allow Wix to retrieve your Etsy information by using your Etsy log-in in the pop-up area. When you are still registered with Etsy, click the Authorize icon.

They will be redirected back to the Etsy Store application in the Wix Editor. Etsy Store is a very uncomplicated application. There are two sections: In the Settings area of the application you can select which areas of your Etsy store should be displayed. When you want to modify the text in one of these paragraphs, you need to go to your Etsy accounts to do so.

Simply click on the Etsy Edit Store icon to make changes to these areas. The combination of Etsy's large client pool and your Wix website's e-mail listing will help you build a profitable on-line store that will support you for years to come.

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