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Please enter the part number of a competing manufacturer below to find the right WIX filter for you. Oil Filter - Wix Cabin Air Filter - Wix Fuel Filter - Wix Automatic Transmission Filter - Wix Engine Air Filter - Wix Collection. High performance oil filter The elixir of a motor's lifetime is oil, which means the oil filter should never be taken for granted, especially in rough, tough conditions. Considering the component parts that make up an oil filter, the low prices that service crews must spend on paying for premier quality filter are valuable. Premier oil filter offer many advantages over their less expensive equivalents, including:

Highly resilient centre tube and can which can handle a broad spectrum of flows and pressures. Advanced technology medias and other technology enhancements that can give premier filter the advantage over OE design. The WIX oil filter is also available in the XD (extended drain), XE (extra efficiency) and ecoLAST (double oil drain intervals) version.

WIX XD (Extended Drain) oil filter is designed to improve mileage between oil changes by up to 50 per cent, which reduces downtime and, in combination with correct oil analyses, allows liquors to significantly prolong oil changes. That can mean oil, filter, waste management and service cost reductions that can improve the return on your vehicle pool.

Stringent industrial testing has shown that the WIX XD oil filter is longer lasting, purer and more efficient than the competitors in both slurry and multi-pass testing, collecting up to 50 per cent more impurities. The WIX XD oil filter features patent-pending Spin Flow Technology, which extends filter lifetime.

XD's high-strength material catches the bigger particulates that are "spun" downwards and catches the material that clog the silt. WIX XE (Extra Efficiency) oil filter is the most economical and economical filter for difficult use. You have microfibre "glass" medias to filter out more of the small, motor-destroying beads.

Offering less drag to the oil stream, this unique glassy medium provides better upstream safety, especially in colder weathers. In addition, the fiberglass does not adsorb moisture like cellulosic materials. The WIX ecoslast oil filter has proved itself in more than 1.7 million test mile up to more than twice the oil change time.

Changing to ecoLAST can cut a 9,000 truck mega-fleet's annual savings by more than $1 million, while a 400-vehicle mid-sized company can cut its annual savings by more than $51,000. And WIX's ecoslast oil filter is a straightforward substitute without any modifications or modifications to the car. The WIX oil filter traps debris and grime like a conventional filter while using a sophisticated material to separate the acid in the oil.

There is no comparable competitive environment for ecoLAST's patented filter mediums and they are not based on slow-release technologies. The WIX oil filter oil filter oil has proved itself with traditional and synthetical lubricants and works with bio gas, liquid gas, petrol and fuel oil. Find out more about ecoLAST and how much your vehicle pool can reduce by changing to another one at www.ecolast.com.

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