Wix Online Chat Support

Online Wix Chat Support

Chatting with website visitors from the Wix Inbox | Help Center Wix Inbox lets you chat with your guests and help them on the ground from your computer to make sure you don't miss a chat. Chat with your users about Wix Inbox: Get to Wix Inbox. Choose a user or person on the leftside. Begin entering text in the text box at the bottom.

Personalise your chat messages by attaching motifs and pictures. Tip: You can also chat with your users on the go using the Wix Mobile app.

Customize the Wix Chat Box | Help Center

If Wix Chat is enabled, the chat window will appear at the bottom right of your website. Allows you to customise the look and feel of your website. How to adjust the chat window: In the lower right corner of the editor, click on the Wix Chat field. Choose the section you want to customize:

3 Change the chat room design. When you click the Layouts page, the system displays the page Layout. Pick a layout: You will see the chat window as a panel at the bottom of your website. A chat window will appear as a blister at the bottom of your website. Selects the location of the chat window:

You will see the chat window at the bottom right of your web page. You will see the chat window at the bottom of your page. 4 | Customize the chat room theme. Choose the Appearance page. Choose the colour of the following: This is the colour of the headers.

That is the colour of the chat text. Choose the style of the chat window. Choose the background of the chat window.

Bug fixing: The Wix Chat does not appear on the website | Help Center

Wix Chat field will appear on both your web site and your web site when you change your chat state to Online. When your Wix Chat session is Online and the Chat window still does not appear on your website, please review the following: Checks whether your bottom line is hidden: Select Menus & Pages on the leftside of the editor.

Verify which layouts are checked when No Header and Footer is checked, switch to Default to display the Wix Chat application.

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