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own Wix domain

Find out how to associate your GoDaddy domain name with your Wix Premium account. http://goo.gl/FkSWNi. Select the Connect a domain option that you already own:

Connect a domain to the Wix name servers | Help Center

In order to link your domain with the Wix name servers: Visit the Domains page. When you click Join a domain that you already own. If you already have a domain in your current domain, click Join Domain, and then click Join a domain that you already have. Choose the website to which you want to link your domain and click Next.

Notice: This might not appear if you have already joined a domain. In What is your domain name? type the domain name you want to associate with your website. Press Next and obey the instructions on your computer to display your own nameserver entries): Who it can refer to {name of domain hosting (e.g. GoDaddy)}, My name is {your name} and I bought the following domain from you:

Your domain URL (e.g. www.mystunningwebsite.com)}. I have created a website on Wix.com and want to link my domain via name-server. I would like to upgrade the my accounts DNA record to these entries {add the above mentioned one}. Please note: It may take up to 48 hrs for the name changes to take effect.

For more information on domain promotion, click here. Though Wix does not suggest using Via-Pointing, you can click here to find out more about this technique.

Shall I buy a Wix hosted subscription when I link my GoDaddy domain to Wix.com? I' ve already bought a savings scheme on GoDaddy.

To create a website with Wix and use your own domain name, you must purchase a Premier plan. Purchase a Premier Plan, based on the nature of the website and the amount of revenue you (expect) to generate. If this is your first website and you just want to get a foretaste, this is the fundamental one.

However, this scheme has Wix Ads. Indefinite if you have a lot of trafficking and e-commerce if you want to advertise on your website. I' d suggest getting a basic/combo schedule first, creating your website, building follow-ups, and updating to the next if necessary.

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