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Wix launches Mobile Website Builder Great new for all website users - Wix.com is proud to announce our latest addition to our range of solutions for mobiles! As of today, a portable copy of your website will be generated for you, but the highlight is our new functionality for portableization. With an intelligent new portable editor, you can modify the look, fade out, resize, and move your contents while keeping the full sized wallpaper of your website the same.

This means that you now have more creativity about your portable designs and can offer your customers an improved portable user experience. Since almost two third of U.S. handset holders surf from within intelligent handsets, building an optimised wireless handset is not a good idea, but an imperative.

Figures do not lie: since 2009, surfing on the move has nearly doubled, and figures continue to rise. Optimising your HTML5 website on portable terminals ensures that you are reaching a much broader public and offering potential customers simple accessibility to your website, anywhere, at any time. With the new Wix portable screen saver you can adapt your website to the portable view with just a few mouse clicks. Just click on the button and you're ready to go.

Navigate to your Wix Account and open your website in theditor. Click on the cell phone symbol in the upper leftside to get to the cell phone textbox. Customise and customise your website to optimise it for portable use. Choose the register card Variable Settings and activate optimised Variable View.

To see what your website will look like on a portable phone, click Preview. You' re on the move. Take a look at this beautiful review of the new Mobil editor: if you've already had the chance to create a website with Wix that is portable, optimization is the best approach for you.

This is because when you optimize your old portable site, both your portable site and your desktops site come under a unique address, which means volume in relation to all SEOs. Just one Web site relieves your shoulder and makes the upkeep of your portable and desktops one simple job.

If you update your Wix Desktops website, your portable website will be refreshed as well. To optimise your website, login to the Wix-Editor and click on the register card Handyditor. You don't have to rebuild the website - the new portable website is built and reflects your desktops site as well.

Now your data transfer will be forwarded to this address. More information about the new Wix for Mobil can be found in these FAQs.

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