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The Wix Plans

2018 Wix Pricing Review - Which is the right one for you? Today I will be rolling up my sleeve and digging around each of Wix's plans to help you determine which, if any, is the best solution for your company or your projects. You will find below a short abstract of the plans of Wix and they are the same price as on the Wix price list.

Please note that although these rates are "per month", they can only be achieved with a 1-year subscription and will be paid for the year in advance. In this way, most suppliers decide to show their rates. In order to see plans in your own money, just go to the Wix price list.

But if you are going to use Wix for your commercial website, there are a few things that need to be considered in the free Wix site map. First, your website will contain two rather intrusive advertisements that will act as a diversion, as you can see on my test page below; second, you will get a free domainname (web address) that looks similar to username.wixsite. com/websitename, which doesn't look very professionally and is difficult for folks to memorize.

Use only one of your own domains or buy with a Premier Package. After all, without your own domainname, you also can't get a personalised corporate e-mail account like and so you'll probably be compelled to use a free mail account or similar. Whatever your choice of Wix Premier Plans, Wix will offer a 14-day payback term to cover the costs of your plans if you choose not to pay for them.

That is Wix and to be frank, he doesn't really have much to offer except the fact that he is inexpensive! The only thing you can do is to associate your own domainname (web address) with your website. It could be one you buy or even one you already own.

However, the true footballer here, although you pay for your website, with this schedule you still have to be satisfied with the advertisements that appear on your website. Connect Domainname can be for you if you really want to put in your own domainname and don't bother with the advertisements.

Otherwise, I'd be skipping this schedule if I were you. First thing to notice about this layout is that it allows you to eliminate those annoying advertisements that might automaticaly give a more sophisticated look and feeling to your website. When you choose a 1- or 2-year subscription (billed in advance), Wix will introduce a customized domainname of your choice for free for the first year, saving you about $15.

In all honesty (and don't tell anyone), but I have no idea how much bandwith or disk usage I'm using on the website you're on right now, but what I do know is when I go out, I'll be alerted and can just update my itinerary. If you are looking to build a small size website or corporate wallet, the Combo-Plan can be for you.

If you want to resell your product, whether physically or digitally, the Combo-plan is not for you. I think Wix points out the limited plans as their most beloved, but I don't think you have to necessarily get on the train if this is your first website. As you can see, the major advantage of this scheme is that it gives you unrestricted bandwith and much more disk capacity (10GB), but as I said before, until you know exactly how much you are going to use, it may not be worth the additional cash immediately to pay.

Some other advantages of this scheme are; the value of 75 dollar promotional points that can be used with Google. Forme Builder app that allows you to gather lead and customize your own custom contacts, but remember that you can include a simple contacts template in any of your earlier plans.

Indefinite schedule can be for you if; you expect many traffic to your website immediately or you need to load lots of high value pictures etc. Indefinite plans are not for you if you want to resell your product on-line. When you want to resell your site's tangible or intangible assets, this is the roadmap you will need.

If you don't want to begin immediately with the sale, you can now always build your website with one of the cheapest plans and shop below to complete the good thing is when you can update to the e-commerce plans. eCommerce can be for you if: you want to build an on-line shop and want to market your product, whether physically or digitally.

It has all the functionality of earlier plans and the same infinite bandwith and 20GB memory addition as the eCommerce plans, so what does it provide that none of the others does? Your personal incentive program can be for you if you appreciate the opinions of an experienced professional who can show you where your website can be enhanced, or you will concentrate strongly on creating an e-mail mailing from scratch.

No matter which Wix-Management you decide on, there will be additional expenses for the creation and maintenance of a website. Wix will introduce a customized name of your choice in the first year with a yearly or 2-year renewal for one of the above plans (with the difference of the Connect Domain), which you should not smell!

So if you prefer to be paid by the month, that's okay, but your own domains costs $14.90 a year, which you can buy directly from Wix. Note: I just wanted to point out that you don't have to buy your domainname from Wix. You have a variety of domains available to select from and you can drop off your domains and link them to your Wix site.

Admittedly, using Wix makes for a slightly more smooth running because there are extra things that need to be done if you purchased your domains elsewhere. Registering the data protection of your domain: By registering your own domainname, your data such as name, adress, and contacts will be entered into a large data base that almost everyone can access.

Please note that I am paying in person for the registry of the domains data protection so that my data will not be published. Personalised e-mail address: When you run a company, you will probably want an e-mail to match your website name, such as contact@yourbusinesswebsite.com. Unfortunately (and this is one of my problems with not only Wix, but also with many other vendors out there) Wix has no in-house e-mail solutions and instead you have to use a feature like Google's GSuite which costs you $5 per months per e-mail adress.

Advantage of this is that you can capture your e-mail via GSuite via Wix, which makes the whole thing easier. Last considerations - Which is the right one for you? If you are used to Wix and know for sure that it is the right solution for you, then I always suggest to start with the free subscription schedule (you can set up a free subscription here).

When you create a website for a small or domestic company and do not want to sell items, the combo plans will probably suffice. You will also receive a free domainname if you select an annual schedule. The eCommerce Scheme is right for you if you are shopping on-line.

When you do not have the funds to prepay for a 1 or 2 year term you can select the month to month options. Think only of the fact that it will cost you a little more and you will have to buy a top level domainname. Please click here to select your itinerary!

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