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Let's start with this section by saying what Wix isn't. It is not an advanced e-commerce platform for hardcore retailers. Wix's design approach is a great advantage for the platform. Originally, when it entered the website builder market, Wix was a Flash-based platform. It' s possible to create a decent, revenue-generating website with the Wix platform.

Winix e-commerce platform reviews (2018)

One of the most beloved website construction platform on the market. It' user-friendly, easily understandable and allows you to create a high-quality on-line shop (or website) all by yourself. One of the most beloved website construction platform on the market. It' user-friendly, easily understandable and allows you to create a high-quality on-line shop (or website) all by yourself.

With this Wix evaluation (updated for the new functions in 2017) you will be guided through the fundamental platform outline, explained how to create an on-line shop gradually, show you all the important functions, discuss the prices and give you our definitive evaluation for Wix and its e-commerce functions for your company.

Wix is an on-line services / tools. Once you've signed up, you'll have instant control over the functions for creating websites - the Wix Editor - where you can select the items you want inserted into the layout of your website, orient them, copy your website, upload images, and eventually post anything the outside can see.

You can also include an e-commerce element to your website (alias opening your own shop ) during the construction part. To some extent, creating a website with Wix is similar to creating a doc with Google Docs - all you have to do is select a few items and place them on a sofa.

In particular, Wix may be the best choice for consumers and shopkeepers who can do everything themselves and want full visibility of their shop without having to employ a web design engineer or web administrator. To sum up, if it's your first experiences creating an on-line shop, but you want to be able to do it all on your own, then Wix is the answer for you.

And the good thing is that there's a 100% free trial version that you can use to test things, get some platform experiences and see if you like it. Part of this free schedule is to start your first website and put it on-line (it will be available under a sub- domain like YOURSITE.wix.com).

Most importantly, while the free trial allows you to try out most of the platform's functions, it doesn't allow you to start a real life shop (you can use the real life shop tool - to try it - but you can't make it public).

Actually, what I suggest you do is use this free Wix to see if the platform meets your needs, and then update it later. The next stage is to present Wix with a series of ready-made themes that you can use for your new shop. E.g. you can begin by selecting whether you will sell women's clothing, camera, headphones, groceries, jewellery, T-shirts or dozens of other kinds of product.

As an example, I will choose the Gourmet Food Shop to create my sample shop here: Previewing this way gives you a good idea of what your business can look like when you've finished working on it. Another great thing about Wix is that every phone is designed for portable television (this is not always the default for other e-commerce web solutions).

In order to customize the theme and make the site your own, all you have to do is click on the "Edit" icon, which can also be seen in the above screenshots. Rather than using the old website construction idiom, Wix opted for a more comprehensible one. It could be an picture, a listing of your shop items, extra text or even your own search engine toolbar.

to get a jump on my business construction. That was just one example - working with a plain wallpaper, but Wix allows similar easy-to-use functions for other parts of your shop. So you can create a truly awesome website without ever having to touch a line of coding.

With Wix, you can handle that too. In order to modify a text, simply click on the "Edit text" icon and modify the parameters: A number of different settings are available, from default fonts and colour matching to highlighting and even some extended effect settings. All of these picture and typographic functions alone are more than enough to make your website truly special, but Wix has much more to offer.

This is a good time to launch a new streak and add some shop items directly to the homepage. Here we can select from a large number of default stripe formats such as Wallpaper pads, Parametric pads, Welcome pads, About-Us panel, Contacts station. When I click on "Manage Products", I can actually manage what I have in stock (more on that in a minute).

To name a few, you can work with customized text boxes, galeries, buttons, videos, audio clips, community graphics, customized menu, weblogs ( yes, you can also have a weblog as part of your shop) and more. This means that creating extra subpages is just as easy as creating the home page, and you can all use the same set of utilities.

Whether you believe it or not, but that's it... you've now added a blogsite to your shop. The management of your product is probably something you will do most often, so let's see how it works. Click on the last symbol in the tool bar on the right and then on "Manage Your Store":

That will take you to the Wix Customizing Management where you can do all kinds of things: To name just a few: you can insert items, you can administer the available items (change their name, price, pictures, discounts, quantity, etc.), you can modify collections/categories of items (e.g. Meat, Cheese), you can order (and all that goes with it), you can make vouchers, you can make money, you can make money and work with different ways of paying (PayPal, Kreditkarten, even off-line money; let me stress, Wix processes any kind of money and all that for you, so that you can concentrate only on the sale and growth of your business), you can define your taxes and shipment information, you can customize the general shop preferences (e.g. name, money, adress, guidelines pages - data protection, reimbursements, etc.).

Put quite simply: Wix provides you with easy and convenient use of all the features of the Wix shop. Virtually no other technologies are required to run your shop beyond what Wix has to offer. It' good for you, because you only have to familiarize yourself with one platform - Wix - and don't have to go from bit to bit to use it.

The last thing you need to do after customizing the appearance of your shop is to complete the whole process and make it visible to everyone. You' ll see a beautiful verification popup where you can modify your shop's web site location, allocate a customized domainname, and update to one of Wix' premier packs, which you'll have to do if you really want to get up and running and accept on-line payment (your shop isn't a viable market place until you upgrade).

Result - is Wix the right instrument to start your on-line shop? There is a free map - try everything, sketch and construct your shop before you spend a cent. Excellent and simple on-line payment system integrator. More targeted in creating default websites instead of setting up e-commerce shops, although it can manage the e-commerce things just as well.

Before you can bring your shop into the wide open market, you must register for a subscription based subscription. The Wix is very simple to use, that's for sure, but it's more of a hands-on storyline than an ambience in which you are guided by hands through it. When you want to open an on-line shop, Wix has all the features you need.

Allows you to administer your stock, make payment, administer your shopping cart preferences... whatever you want. In addition, Wix offers you so much more than just e-commerce / web shopping functions. It is a great way to create a full website with several different tools, e.g. blogs, portfolios and so on.

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