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Here is an example of one I created for Pickewix.com with this tool, below. Create a privacy statement | Help Center Given the growing global level of concern and understanding about the need to protect personally identifiable information, it is important that companies, both small and large, adopt a complete privacy policy and make it available to their users. Which is a privacy policy?

Privacy Policy is a policy that exposes some or all of the ways we collect, use, disclose and manage the information about a Web site's users and prospects. Meets a statutory privacy protection standard for a user or customer. All over the globe, nations have their own legislation with different demands on the use of privacy guidelines.

In order to facilitate your understanding and to support you in the preparation of your data protection declaration, we advise you to consult a solicitor. We have several privacy laws that all website users must respect when dealing with personally identifiable information. The following is a listing of issues you should consider when creating a privacy statement for your website:

Which kind of information do you gather? Determine the types of personally identifiable information you gather from your website visitor such as e-mail, name, IP address, invoice information, employment number, etc. Information gathered may be provided by your website visitor s/users or it may be gathered by automated monitoring devices.

Example: We obtain, gather and save all information that you input on our website or otherwise make available to us. We also record the IP addresses used to link your computer to the Web, your log-in, email addresses, passwords, computer and connecting information, and your purchasing history. We may also record your computer's IP addresses, such as your name, telephone number, email addresses, and other personal information. We can use computer programs to track and gather meeting information, such as page responsiveness, duration of visit to specific pages, page interactions, and how the site is browsed.

We also record PII (including name, e-mail, passphrase, communication), billing information (including debit information ), commentary, feed -back, ratings, referrals and your individual profiles. Where do you gather information? This section should help you understand your practices regarding the collection of your website visitor's privacy information. An example is when your customer uses a customer service request to send you a notification, when he buys a certain item in your shop, or when he subscribes to your newletter.

If you make a purchase on our website, the information that we gather as part of the checkout procedure is personally identifiable information that you provide to us, such as your name, mailing and e-mail addresses. We will only use your data for the above mentioned purposes. What makes you record such personally identifiable information? We hope this section explains why you choose to gather your Site Visitor's Personally Identifiable Information (PI).

You can, for example, gather e-mail adresses for your advertising campaign or their adresses for dispatch. This non-personally identifiable and personally identifiable information is collected for the following purposes: Providing and operating the Activities; providing continuous client care and technological backup; contacting our customers and customers with general or personalised service-related advice and advertising communications; compiling aggregate statistics and other aggregate and/or derived non-personal information that we or our affiliates may use to deliver and enhance the Activities; and complying with all relevant legislation and requirements.

The privacy statement must describe in detail how you collect, maintain and use the personally identifiable information of your website visitor that you have solicited. It is also important that you let your website visitor know if, when, and how this information will be disclosed to third parties and/or law enforcement authorities in accordance with applicable law. Wix.com may collect your information through our information retention practices, our database and general Wix.com applicationss.

You save your information on safe server behind a personal computer wall. Compliance with the PCI-DSS standards helps our shop and its services to guarantee the safe processing of your payment information. What do you do to get in touch with your website users? You should describe your means of communications (e.g. e-mail, SMS, etc.) and their uses (e.g. advertising campaign, promotion, updates, etc.).

Describe exactly how to communicate with your website visitor by using personally identifiable information gathered on your website and how they can choose not to receive such communications. We may communicate with you in order to inform you of your registration, solve a problem with your registration, settle a matter of concern, recover any fee or money due, obtain your opinion through a survey or questionnaire, post an update about our business or otherwise communicate with you in order to comply with our Terms of Use, current local law and any agreements we may have with you.

To this end, we may communicate with you by e-mail, phone, SMS and post. What do you do with cookie and other types of traffic control software? When your website uses e.g. cookie technology to track your personally identifiable information, you must make this clear to your website visitor. Please be aware of which monitoring tool (e.g. cookie, flash cookie, web beacon, etc.) is used.

Your website uses which data it collects and why it is used. It is important to be aware that third-party service providers, such as Google Analytics or other apps available through the Wix App Market, setting cookie preferences, or using other types of technology to track Wix´s may have their own guidelines about how they aggregate and track information.

Because these are outside of Wix, these types of practice are not subject to the Wix Privacy Policy to see what kind of cookie is placed on the visitor's computer. What can your website users do to revoke their permission? It is important that you understand how your website visitor can revoke their permission to collect personally identifiable information and how they can remove or modify the information they collect.

Should you no longer wish us to use your personal information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at [your e-mail] or by sending us an e-mail: It'?s a good idea. You are encouraged to let your visitors know of your ability for them to amend or revise your website's privacy policy. Please note that we have the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any stage, so please check it regularly.

When we make significant changes to this policy, we will inform you here that it has been revised so that you know what information we gather, how we use it, and under what conditions, if any, we use it and/or disclose it. Enter correct addresses/channels so that your website members or website visitor can get in touch with you.

Should you wish to gain at any time the opportunity to rectify, supplement or remove your data, you are welcome to write to us at [your e-mail] or write an e-mail to us: It'?s a good idea.

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