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Overview Wix Pro Gallery | WIX App Marketplace Wix Pro is the most professionally designed online art galleries. Extended Picture Adjustments let you adjust the picture clarity and sharpen your pictures so they look exactly the way you want them to. Store your pictures safely with built-in picture security and look great on any portable phone. Adjust your galleries with automatic video and colourful textfields.

Webesigner | Hire a freelance web design professional.

and find a design professional today. Browse by expert: .... Discover the Wix Arena and engage a web design professional to build a breathtaking website for you. If you need an on-line shop, a blogs, a portofolio or a target page, a Wix Expert can do it for you. Select a Wix Expert to build your breathtaking website.

Explore 100 different portfolio options and get in touch with a Wix web design professional who meets your needs. Please fill in your inquiry to get going today. Have a look at the design profile in the Wix Arena. If you find a design professional you would like to work with, click on "Contact" to email them your enquiry. Please click on Find Me a Wix Expert to generate your query.

It will be sent to the designer best suited to your needs. Our designer will check your inquiry and contact you directly.

I' m having an incredible career as a Wix Pro Artist.

Jesaja's fondness for designing began very early. It was this dedication that lead him to a web & graphics careers. Isaiah' s experience with Wix.com turned out to be critical to his web development carrier. Soon, some Wix Studiodesigners noticed his nice creations and presented his portfolios as "Wix of the Day" on the homepage of Wix.com (see picture below).

Today, Isaiah is one of over 200 Wix web freelancers who offer their skills in Wix's list of professionals in graphics and web design, the Wix Arena. The Wix Pro Designer receives phone conversations from potential customers around the globe who want to build or revise their web sites. "When I had the opportunity to become Wix Pro, my whole life dramatically changed," says Isaiah.

"Now I' m working with Traumkunden (That have GREAT BUDGETS) who got in touch with me directly from the Wix Arena". Not only does Isaiah offer its customers web design, but also a full range of services for corporate identities. In addition, he publishes a specific email to help him stay in touch with his current customers and win new ones.

It has proved to be invaluable to the company's success and its relationships with its customers: As an enthusiastic supporter of the Wix Lounge, Wix's free cooperation and event room for New York based creatives, Isaiah also maintains a strong off-line connection with Wix. At the Wix-Lounge, Isaiah interacts in person with fans like himself, shares experiences and experiences with other lounge-goers and shares experiences with them.

There was even a large meeting in the lounges and he received a lot of good reviews. The combination of his expertise with the Wix on-line portal, his design talents and his close contacts with the Wix employees and Wix customers makes Jesaja what you might call a Wix Renaissance man.

It' s an utter delight to have him as part of the Wix Arena design crew and see how Wix is advancing his careers. To read this article and think you would like to follow an extra design path as a Wix Pro artist, please go to the Wix Arena and submit your application to Become a Pro.

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