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Some things I really love about Wix. The functionality with every program usually gets my biggest criticism. Increase your Wix.com traffics & get your money's worth

More than 109 million viewers around the world use Wix to build their own web sites. Join our Wix Partner Program and enjoy our great results. Wix offers you all the necessary tool to advertise Wix on your website and make top comissions. With above-average converting percentages for premier schemes, redirect your revenue to Wix to make a lot of money!

With our $100 per purchase payout rate among the highest in the business, we have a wide range of dependable payout methods to help you make the right choice. Get as much Traffic as possible and get rewarded for every premium sales you recommend. Select from our most powerful and constantly updated creative team.

Keep up with your visitors, see fine-grained stats, adjust your reporting, review your payment history and more.

Frequently Asked Questions | Wix Affiliate Program

Wix Affiliate Program - What is it? Wix Affiliate Program is designed for website publishers who can direct high volume traffic directly to Wix through genuine contents such as: on-line stories, how-to video and more. Wix Arena is designed to help you expand your web design/development operations and attract more customers to your site.

Where can I become a Wix Affiliate? As soon as you are authorized, you will get an e-mail with the affiliate dashboard on it. And the more your sale, the more you get rewarded. No, the more you recommend, the more you get rewarded. Affiliates must make a monthly $300 (USD) or higher to be eligible for withdrawal.

Your affiliate accounts will hold all revenues and current converting until you reach $300 (USD). As soon as your bank has reached this credit, you will get an e-mail about the fifteenth working days of the following week with information on how to get credit. Every website can join the program. Go to "Offers" in your affiliate dashboard.

Select your links and your creative. Go to "Reports" in your affiliate dashboard. Affiliate links contain uniquely identifiable information that allows us to keep abreast of any visitor to Wix from your site. Wix's own web tracker "remembers" your web address and guarantees that you will be rewarded for every premium purchase you make on Wix.

In addition, your affiliate link must be the first wix to click on a user - the First Click Model. How and when do I get pay? Approximately on the fifteenth of the monthly you will get an e-mail with your billing information and how to send your bill. Your e-mail contains all your conversations from the last months.

Approximately on March 15 (or the following working day), you will be sent an e-mail with information on how to get payed for the February converts. They will be payed as soon as your affiliate account has a $300 (USD) or higher limit. To get payed, you have to submit an account. For further information please refer to the General Terms and Conditions.

Remember that you will not get an e-mail if you have not reached your goal for the month.

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