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Wix complaints on the Internet are a lot. *** Wix big website builder. When Wix tries to push us out of the business!..

. Once they responded to my complaint, but have not heard from them since. "'WIX is a borderline SCAM.

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However, their man-made Intelligent System says that everything is "100% configured". I was paying for a premier bundle of client service. Couldn't... i have a web site, but their solutions for plurilingual is a great *** not SOE kind. now i changed to Wordpress solutions, but i wanted to make 301 diversions from my wix website to my Worldpress website ready to even let the top class layout i have at wix for at least......

I' ve been a Wix for over three years. First, they provided OK Call Center services by responding to their phones. There are two sites with them that our organization uses regularly for entering custom data sets, form and more. Preposterous consumer assistance. The next thing they did was interrupt the call center that our business was violating the User Agreement without any evidence.

WIX, a web site provider that offers web hostings, is the subject of this article.

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They' ll guide you through smart formulations, positions, key colours and "Click Here Now" to get you where they don't want you. Your client support was highly illusory. It'?s not customer-oriented. It' s deceptively and professionally "con" centered. I am conscious of the online fraud and have done my best to prevent the stunning up sell and mislead.

You are smarter and are practicing more than a "throw the balloon into the bottle of milk" surgery at the Circular Trade Show.

Wix.com - Fraud, review 432565

All they' re doing is taking my cash. It' also one of the few online website generator that offers phone based technical assistance. thinks he has a land in a play named ittebigplanet. By the way, this is not against Wix, but a subaccount in Wix named leadersweare.leaders.wix.com. Wix is a ###en fraud that I ###en detest, they you stupid guys are probably sorry #### wix coworkers because you have no one to back up your cocks and you have to pretend it.

Our Wix user team is dedicated to our user base, and as we grow, it is important to us to ensure that everyone who uses Wix has the feeling that they are being listened to and addressed...are keen to raise the issue(s) you have mentioned above/below. Thank you @Jordan Wix I have an @Jordan Wix email and I am angry that there is no simple way to get connected to WIXupport!

Go to the helpdesk, then specify what your problem is, then go to this stage and try it? Circle around, but WIX processes your monthly payments with the entry of a labyrinth! It' s a shame that nobody is interested in client service or maintains an existing website resource for supporting web pages during the evenings. My website downloads sluggishly and hacked off, and the unfortunate thing about it is that the approach and the utilities are easily learned and there are lots of utilities to build them.

Jordan Wix I canceled my Premier Membership Agreement by cancelling my website because I received NULL technical assistance from the employees after searching for help for weeks. Having waited week after week for answers and help from 24/7 technical assistance personnel to solve this problem and not getting a reply, I resolved to remove the website.

I' m now free again until the premium will expire in June 2018. Excellent 24 hour instant access and great online instant messaging. Jordan Wix Your backup crew is rubbish and good for [censored] nothing..... They never paid the cash back on my fucking bankbook. Go to somebody other than Wix... they're dirtbags and cheaters!!!!!!!!

Well, I'm apart from wix put i'm still in the clear humor, so maybe soon i'll be kicking tp bonus because i like building website on line for a careers. i want to be no if i could be selling website of wix in bonus if i built it on line?

You' re a genuine firm, yes, but they tear you down and add additional cash to your check. and they' re stupid too, even if you can get your hands on them. The " free " website has advertisements 2. updating to " Premium " means no advertisements, but $150 per year only for a website without an e-mail address or analysis is preposterous.

The first year I received for $75 as a "deal", but when I billed you for the second year, no bill was sent to me, just a reminder that my major bank account had to be updated, then once you updated that, they took $150. Above all, I phoned their line of supports several time a year and they were grumpy, impolite, eager and just wanted to get you off the telephone.

First, no backup. As usual, therefore, users must help those without really being concerned. While we tried not to reimburse them for a while, which we don't normally do, this once we were hoping it could help - we got the fast response that we would close our two post boxes and get the refund as soon as we paid.

Do not use these individuals and their so-called "services" ever. and yeah, you're 100% right. I turn her into the DBB and complain about her as much as possible. I' ll track them for all the cash I put into my poster and mention my (domain) they gave me.

You' re gonna spend a lot of cash. WIX.com must tell them that they are not a totally free website. As I asked them about it, they frankly confessed to having sold my information, and they said if I wanted my information taken off their official listings, I would have to give them more for it.

Also I saw a barrel of complaints about BBB for so many of these fraudulent website businesses, like hostinggator, wix, square space, etc.. To be honest, I don't know how to find someone you can rely on. My wix.com accounts were charged for almost 112.00. I've never used this feature or come close to it. I've recently created a website and used Word-press and Google Earth but I' ve never come across wix.com. I'm seriously concerned that my banking information has been compromised as this has never previously occurred to me.

Now Wix has more than $150 on my debit now. My account has said that they will open a scam and they will reimburse me the amount next weekend after I have sent them an oath, which of course I will do.

They will reimburse me for it, looks like it was an outside individual who has stolen my credentials, and not wix.com. However wix didn't react to my e-mail so I was hoping they will repay my bench & that they won't let bad debt robbers off with the purchase at their site.

There are so many complaints that several days a week they debit them all on the same date, refusing to make a repayment if there is a issue, and refusing to terminate your current balance and continue to debit you. Jorge from technology supported had nothing to do with my computer, but a bug on her side, Jorge from technology supported went through all my private correspondence and banking accounts stored on my computer and stole information to try to rob my banking accounts by remotely maintaining and other id's stored on my computer.

I' ve sent Wix.com e-mails about this, but I' ve got no response and there is no managerial or complaint mechanism to track it. Wix.com are a very dishonest firm with crooks who work in their technical assistance teams trying to rob individuals of personal information, banking information to rob funds from their client account.

The WIX solution first collects your payment details and then informs you over and over again, one by one, about the service you need to charge for at each stage. Now, you guess it, I had to get to them twice by passing an extra time of one day each to track down the information and wait to talk to someone who's cancelling my original bankroll, not to mention all the e-mails I get from them.

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