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Include a great search in your website. Extended e-commerce site search for Wix shops with InstantSearch. FDI request: Add a search bar to your website | Help Center

Go to your website, go to the editor. You can only do this within the editor. As soon as you have saved in the editor, you can no longer come back to modify your website in Wix ADI. Our goal is to constantly upgrade and enhance our product, and your comments are very welcome. In case this is a function that you would like to see in the near term, please click tune for this function and we will keep you informed.

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Location search: Starting with the first letter entered into the search field, through to the patent-pending and highly reactive auto-completion that predicts a word or phrase with amazing precision. InstantSearch+ Location Search will help your Wix site users find pictures by name, caption, or the tag you used to upload them.

Get your own personal view of your own timetable at any point to gain invaluable insight such as: relevance, maximal agility and unrivalled time-to-market.

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Being a Wix Designer, I encourage my customers to place search bar on their sites to help their visitors find pages or contents faster. In particular, this applies to e-commerce shops, blood logs or information-rich web sites. Unfortunately, Wix hasn't yet included a search function in its original text processor (Wix promises they'll work on it!), but in the meantime, a search on your Wix site can be added using a third-party search application.

InstantSearch+'s "Site Search" application is the most widely used Wix Search by Wix Designers, this application is easy to install into your Wix website and works quite well in my view. There' a free edition with up to 30 queries per year. $4.99/month pay per click release has limitless queries and integrates e-commerce results when you have a shop, which I think is critical for any shop using the Wix Stores trading system.

The reason why Wix Stores doesn't have a built-in search is over my head, but I believe in the best consumer experiences and the best revenue, a search is critical to helping individuals find exactly what they're looking for. Please note: Most Wix designers also like Ecwid's Wix e-commerce shopping cart over Wix Stores because it has more features and a search feature.

So, if you don't have e-commerce yet and want to append it, I suggest you explore it first. Here are a few screen shots of the Search application that can be added to any Wix website design: The following is an example of the search results of the Wix "Site Search" application search page for a Wix Stores e-commerce shop - this shows how it shows the search results of the product with the search term "purse".

The following is an example of the Wix "Site Search" application that opens online search proposals to show you search results that correspond to your words as you enter them. This is a great function because it allows clients to instantly find and click on products that interest them. Fewer Klicks = More Turnover!

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