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There'?s a problem, it's on Wix. Wix Registration Services Security and User Information | Help Center

At Wix, we value the security of our customers' information and we do everything in our powers to do so.

The Wix has a multi-layered security architecure that supports protection against 0-day security problems. Wix's registration and log-in service is handled by a safe web site host. Information provided to Wix during the logon procedure is protected by HTTPS/SSL communications. In case of a security violation, your initial username and username cannot be restored by our security staff to get more information.

Client Security in Wix Stores | Help Center

Wix Stores check out procedure is HTTPS / TLS protected and it is save for your clients to buy from your Wix Stores website. Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the industrystandard security protocol used to establish an encoded connection between a Web site visitor and a Web site visitor. The connection makes sure that all information exchanged between the web servers and web browers remains confidential and protected.

The TLS is the industrial benchmark and is used by billions of Web sites to protect their on-line transaction with their clients. In addition, Wix Stores only works with the highest security PCI DSS enabled paywall. More information about how to encrypt and secure your billing information can be obtained from your selected billing portal.

Third-party security and vulnerability scanning tools | Help Center

At Wix, the security of our users' account and websites is of paramount importance to us, and we are dedicated to ensuring your security on-line. Security professionals and security professionals work full-time at Wix, using sophisticated security management to localize and resolve security problems. In addition, we conduct periodic in-house security auditing to ensure our ISO/PCI security certification is maintained.

When you believe you have found a security problem or weakness, please email the Wix Security team: security-report@wix.com.

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