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( WIX ) benefits from the introduction of a number of user-friendly applications. Has the recent decline in Tesla stock been a buying opportunity? ( NASDAQ:WIX), which operates a platform for creating websites, has a banner year.

Now 3 reason it's case to be bullish on Wix.Com Ltd Stock.

NASDAQ:WIX), which provides a website creation tool, has a one-year advertising period. Please be aware that the shares have achieved a yield of 50%. Remember that the Wix shares have had an avarage of 62% per year over the last three years. So, can the business maintain its dynamism?

However, hey, when it comes to technology businesses, as you can see from Netflix, Inc., growing numbers may last for some years. Let us take a closer look at the basics of the company: Undoubtedly, this was the case with Wix.com, whose missions are that "the web should be available to everyone to design, build and contribute".

" Since the foundation of the enterprise in the year 2006 the enterprise developed therefore innovatively functions for its plattform further: It allows a web site owner to quickly build a personalised website, e.g. by dragging and dropping items and contents. It is a simple programming interface that allows you to build extended web sites and web applications.

Wix has also developed additional functionality such as a CRM, payment system, automated merchandising, online content creation, online content creation, online content creation, online content publishing, online content publishing, online content publishing, social media and workflow management. That means that the enterprise gives away key benefits and then calculates premiums. After all, when it comes to small companies that develop web sites, the costs can be significant when hiring an agent or external consultant.

Due to its huge size, the enterprise can make available automatic schemes to build a pro website that is quite affordably priced.

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ancillary, exemplary, consequential or exemplary nature, (ii) compensation for lost revenues, lost profit, Business Suspension, lost information or trade information, lost or damaged Property, (iii) third party liability or (iv) other financial losses resulting from or in connection with this exclusion of liability or the external website.

Upon accessing the external website, you further acknowledges and agrees that the exclusion of responsibility contained in this exclusion of responsibility shall survive regardless of the cause, circumstance or manner of suit giving cause for or leading to the forfeiture, damages, cause of action or responsibility, even if such forfeiture or damages exists, Entitlement or responsibility is limited to infringement of this Agreement (including, but not limited to, basic infringement or violation of a basic term), tortious act (including, but not limited to, negligence), strict responsibility or any other lawful or just theory, and even if WIX and Virtua are informed of the potential for losses, damages, claims or liabilities.

In addition to the U.S. GAAP accounting and reporting format, Wix uses the following non-GAAP key financials: collection, non-GAAP net profit (loss), non-GAAP net profit (loss) per common share, free cash flow, none-AAP R&D expenses, non-GAAP SM expenses and non-GAAP G&A expenses (collectively, the "non-GAAP key financials").

Collection is the sum of the amount of money received by us from our clients in a given timeframe and is the sum of the changes in accrued income for a given timeframe and income for the same timeframe. This is the Group' s net income computed in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, excluding the effects of stock-based compensation, transaction and depreciation expenses, and dividing by net sales.

Long-term non-GAAP internal operating profit is internal operating profit computed in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, net of the effects of stock-based compensation, amortisation and acquisition-related charges. Net non-GAAP earnings represent the net losses computed in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, less the effects of stock-based compensation, amortisation and acquisition-related charges.

Net non-GAAP earnings per common share represent non-GAAP net earnings divided primarily by the number of common shares used to calculate basic earnings (loss) per common share. to calculate basic net earnings (loss) per common share, excluding the dilutive effect of common stock equivalents (NOPAT). The free cash-flow shows the inflow (outflow) of funds from operations less investments. Long-term non-GAAP R&D expenses represent R&D expenses computed in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, net of the effects of stock-based compensation, transaction related expenses and depreciation.

The non-GAAP S&M cost is S&M cost computed in accordance with GAAP, net of the effects of stock-based compensation, acquisition-related charges and depreciation. The non-GAAP G&A charges represent the GAAP G&A charges net of the effects of stock-based compensation, withdrawal of ancillary offerings and acquisition-related charges.

Disclosure of this information is not meant to be viewed in isolation or as a replacement for or supersede information presented in accordance with accounting policies. We use these non-GAAP key financials to make our accounting and operating decisions and as a means of evaluating comparatives between periods.

We believe that these actions deliver useful information on our results of operations, improve our overall view of past fiscal performances and outlook, and allow greater visibility into the most important indicators used by our managers in their fiscal and operations decisions. More information on non-GAAP measure can be found in the Transition from General Accounting Principles to Non-GAAP Measure external page.

The attached chart provides further detail on the key financials in accordance with IFRS that are most similar to non-GAAP financials and the corresponding reconciliations between them. Since the Group has not provided free cash flow guidance for operating activities, it has not aligned it with operating activities until now.

The Company is not in a position to make such disclosures because positions affecting net operating profit are beyond the Company's reasonable ability to predict and/or are beyond its reasonable ability to exercise caution. Accordingly, a transition to net cash provided by operating activities is not possible without undue expense.

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