Wix Shop

The Wix Shop

Explore how Wix eCommerce can help you build a successful online store & increase your sales with WixStores. Transform your Wix website into an online shop.

Functions of the online shop Wix.com

At WixStores we offer a large variety of professional looking designs to help you get up and running in your web shop. Make yourself available to your clients at any time and on any machine. Optimize your shop automaticly for your mobility. With our simple and intuitive Web site designer, you can easily create a custom website that truly mirrors your company.

At your shop you will find breathtaking shopping arcades to present your wares. Every single produkt can also be opened in its own complete page. Adjust different variations of size and colour for each individual part. Share your items with your clients and show many pictures of each one. To promote a purchase or limit quantity, include a color tape with each one.

Let your clients find your great deals easily. Once your clients order on-line, they will see a specific thank you note. Provide a seamless shopping experiences for your clients. Define shipment and taxation policies and change the pricing depending on where your clients are at. If you have completed your order, it is up to you to get the item off the ground!

They will also receive a verification e-mail from your customer. Each page of your website displays your store's purse symbol so shoppers can quickly see the products they want to buy and enjoy a safer purchasing environment. So you can be sure that your customers' data is private.

Once a consumer makes a sale, it is added to the Store Manager so you can see all the detail about it. Store Manager makes it easy to keep an eye on your assets. Allows you to specify the colour and dimension choices for your product and how many of each product you have in store.

ShoutOut newsletter to your clients directly from your own desktop. Stay up to date by letting them know about your promotions, upcoming activities and more.

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