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A ShoutOut In Review is usually published within minutes, but it is. Twelve things you should know about the Wix Newsletters tools. As a Wix customer, you've probably already learnt about Wix ShoutOut, your mailing list for newsletters. ShoutOut was introduced a few years ago and is conceived as a basic, user-friendly add-on for any Wix website. Funny enough, you don't need a Wix site to use ShoutOut.

Your friends and acquaintances gathered via Wix-Sites (e.g. branch clients and sales rep forms ) are transferred to ShoutOut so that you can conduct e-mail marketing activities for them with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can also use ShoutOut to send your friends and acquaintances your news.

Also ShoutOut can include shop items and blogs from your Wix page in your newsletter now. Here is our synopsis of the 12 things you should know about Wix ShoutOut. These are the most important arguments why we would suggest Wix ShoutOut: ShoutOut' most important thing to keep in mind is that its functions are fundamental.

May I use Wix ShoutOut for free? The Wix ShoutOut has a free schedule that allows you to create 3 ShoutOuts (i.e. 3 different campaigns) and up to 5,000 e-mails per year. Price ShoutOut: There are three different Wix ShoutOut fee (or "Premium") schemes, which can be purchased either once a year or once a month:

Further information about the prices of ShoutOut can be found here. Looking only at the prices in terms of the number of leads, you will see that Wix ShoutOut's prices are very competitively priced in comparison to other suppliers. The ShoutOut is designed to send basic campaign messages - if you have larger e-mail campaign planning, you definitely need a more comprehensive e-mail campaign management tool.

Is Wix ShoutOut simple to use? When you are used to Wix, you won't have any problems finding your way around ShoutOut because it is administered from the same home page that you use to administer your website. You can find it under 'Marketing Tools' >'Email Marketing'. When you are not a Wix operator, the home page is a little different, but you will still find it simple to use.

Like the Wix-Site editors, the e-mail editors do all the text and picture processing in-line. usability has always been a powerful point for Wix, and with ShoutOut they once again do well. They are known for their breathtaking website design, so if you expect the same from their e-mail template, you might just be a little upset.

However, the template is very simple to adjust, and you can change all your style, background, color, and layout. The addition of contact is simple enough. Mass imports of your contact data are possible by CSV files or even by Gmail accounts. You can also add your contact list by hand, making them very similar to most other utilities.

When you have an already existent Wix-Site, the use of ShoutOut has a big benefit. Actually, your website and ShoutOut are sharing the same contact modul (Wix Contacts). If you have a Wix Shop, for example, all your customer relationship management (CRM) leads (including your customers) are available via ShoutOut.

The same applies if you have a Wix-Site Kontakt- or Abonnementformular on your Wix-Site - you will see that all proposals will be sent directly to ShoutOut. And you can even associate your own label with your friends (and associate more than one label) if you want to further category your people. However, it's all pretty much manually - apart from the automatically allocated tags, there's no way to attach tags to tags that have similar properties (e.g. purchased a particular product).

There is no other way to group your contacs other than using your label, so it is a very easy way of segmenting. Do they provide e-mail auto-mation? It is even possible to specify when the e-mail should be sent (e.g. 1 working days after the contact's action) and whether it should be sent only once or several.

You can' t even include the recipient's first name in a form of address in the e-mail, for example. When you don't have a Wix site, but need to use Autoresponder, there are better utilities for you. Every time you e-mail, you will receive statistics such as the number of e-mails sent, opened, clicked and not delivered.

Everything comes in a clear and concise graphical overview, making it very simple to use. Wix ShoutOut's stand-alone release (for those without a Wix site) provides a unique registration template that can be added to any website with some embedded coding. It is not possible to create new boxes, and only three are available by default (email, name, and phone).

Strangely enough, subscription builds can be "added" to an e-mail, but it leads to a rather strange usability sensation (users click on the build apparently in the e-mail, but are then directed to another web page with the build). In our opinion it would be more useful to have a suitable page editing engine integrated into the tools.

It is clear that ShoutOut was not developed for the creation and management of form pages. If you have a Wix site instead, we suggest you use the Wix Form application, which offers more versatility and also integrates with your ShoutOut list. The ShoutOut delivery capability was a pleasant surprise, as it was the result of our few delivery capability checks.

On even the free schedule, we could use our own top-level e-mail addresses as our originator addresses, and the average delivery rate was 87% (which is quite high in comparison to other utilities we tested!). Please be aware that you cannot use e-mail submissions from e-mail submissions to a subdomain (e.g. yourname@wixshoutout.com com), or from general e-mail submissions such as Gmail or Yahoo - instead ShoutOut uses its own authentified e-mail submissions (e.g. yourname@wixshoutout.com).

When you participate in ShoutOut's free, basic or business essential subscriptions, you get instant entry to their knowledgebase and can also post your ticket on-line (although this function is a bit concealed and the response can be a bit slow). Under " Contact ", ShoutOut will add harsh and rejected e-mails to the group "Bounced" and exclude these contact from the receipt of further e-mails.

Mailchimp - how is it in comparison? Thought you might like to know how ShoutOut behaves with other more common mailing list utilities like MailChimp. While MailChimp is a fully-fledged e-mail campaign management software, ShoutOut does only a small part of what MailChimp does. It might be more useful to take a look at the functions available in each of the services, get a feeling for how full MailChimp is in comparison to ShoutOut, and see if ShoutOut would satisfy all your needs.

For a complete view of what MailChimp has to offer, take a look at our detailed MailChimp review. Our goal is to really like ShoutOut as much as we do Wix' Website-Builder, we really do. It definitely has some great advantages - reasonable prices, usability, fast e-mail masters. However, its strength lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate with Wix Contact, enabling you to easily conduct e-mail campaigning for your website contact.

However, would we suggest it over other utilities? So the only exceptions would be if you want a mailing list utility that is really, really simple to use and doesn't bother with all the extra stuff. Otherwise, you'll find that there are other, more comprehensive utilities that do a much better job e-mailing.

Maybe you'll find some useful automatic campaign tools you can implement that can really help increase your client engagements and enhance the effectiveness of your website. Have you got any more question about Wix ShoutOut?

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