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Via the Wix video Sign up for your visitor | Help Center The Wix Video application will require your users to log in to make shopping, subscribe, and hire your video.... As soon as they sign up, they can watch all the video they have bought.

In order to see how the Sign Up function works, go to your web page and click Sign Up.

The function cannot be seen in Prescan view only. How to show or hide the Log In button: When switching, click the Show icon: Click on the Log In icon. You will not see the Log In icon. Important: We suggest that you view the Sign Up screen when you rent or sell your video as this will provide a better viewing environment for your bystanders.

Access your Dashboard Area | Help Center

Dashboards are the primary basis for operating your website. This is where you can control all facets of your website and your company, as well as gain Wix Editor control, edit your page preferences, administer your contact list, set up your payments, and more. Allows you to view the website dashboard: Log in to your Wix accounts.

Move the mouse pointer over the website you want to visit and click Select Website. In the upper pane, click Preferences. Select My Dishboard. At the top of your screen on the upper leftside, click My Pages. Move the mouse pointer over the website you want to visit and click Select Website.

It is not possible to log in to your Wix account: Password forgotten | Help Center

In the Wix Sign In screen, if you are not able to log in to your Wix... login into your Wix account, click the Forgot your Passwords button. Then click Restore My Passphrase. When your e-mail is in our system, you will be sent an e-mail with a shortcut to the reset your passphrase. Failure to send the e-mail may result in your e-mail message being entered wrongly when you created your affiliate profile.

Tip: If you use Firefox or Chrome and allow your web-browser to store your login information, you can get your password: Go to Preferences > click Safety > click Saved Password. On the page, click Show extended preferences > under Passwords the Manage Password tab > click www.wix.com > click Show.

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