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In order to view your website on a mobile device, make sure that the device and browser you are using are supported: Operating systems supported on mobile devices iPhone: Inquiry:: Edit your website with a mobile web browser | Help Center Unless your website is an ADI site, it is currently not possible to modify it on a mobile phone, tray, or other touch screen devices.... If this is the case, you can only modify your website from a wallpaper or notebook to opt in to this function.

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Wix.com launches Wix App with a high-performance mobile operating system for small businesses, shop owners, hoteliers and bloggers around the globe.

Nasdaq:WIX, a premier cloud-based web application developer, today unveiled the release of WixApp for iOS and Android. The Wix application allows mobile and mobile Wix owners to fully administer their web sites and Wix OSs to do their business in near real-time. Reflecting customers' demands for rugged mobile capabilities, the application places Wix as a leader in providing OS software for small enterprises around the globe.

The Wix App is part of the bigger Wix OS offering that allows endusers to create, administer and sell their business anywhere, at any time. The Wix App is an easy-to-use mobile app that optimizes the day-to-day mobile workforce that companies need to run their e-commerce, online merchandising, online services and communication with consumers and audiences worldwide.

Shopkeepers use Wix OS to administer their mobile pages, contact information and Wix Stores. Wix currently hosted on its platform: More than 20 million mobile Web pages; more than 300,000 e-commerce subscription plans. Shop owner and blogger who take credit for their breathtaking web pages will never miss a beats. When there is an important action - buy, book, stock, subscribe to blogs or upgrade the Wix Deck - Wix subscribers get a message on their mobile devices.

Since our customers keep creating amazing sites, our goal is to make it as easy as possible to manage the OS and market their businesses," said Adi Zelner, Head of Wix App at Wix.com. "About half of our business is dedicated to research, engineering and innovation and is dedicated to continuously providing the most efficient tooling to our 92 million customers worldwide.

" High performance Wix App functions make user love: Administer your shop - Take a picture of your products and with just one click upload it to your shop. Post articles, upload photographs, modify your fonts, upload live hyperlinks, and more. Accommodation - Administrate your booking and reservation on the fly. of hotels. Wix.com is a premier cloud-based web developer with more than 92 million subscribers globally.

It was Wix's conviction that the web should be available to everyone in order to be developed, designed and contributed to. Wix enables companies, organisations, professional people and consumers to put their business, brand and operations on-line through free and paid subscription services. The Wix ADI, Wix Editor and state-of-the-art App Market allow consumers to establish and maintain a fully featured and interactive mobile experience.

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