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Begin building your own website today :). Wix ads will continue to be placed on your website. Some great looking websites have been created with the Wix Website Builder.

Real Wix Website Examples - Real websites created on the Wix Web builder plattform.

To see examples of sites that were actually created on a site creation platform that you want to sign in to is a good way to make a decision. Gives you inspirations and shows you the lights at the end of the tunnels when it comes to creating your own website.

Following on from my earlier contributions Weebly Website-Examples and Examples for WordPress-Blogs. I' ve included in this article a really good compilation of examples of what the Wix Web Buildings can do. It will also help to give you a little bit of insight that you can use in your own web building work.

Without further ando, here is my compilation of incredible well done web sites that were created on the Wix web site and are executed! Name is Jamie Spencer and I've been making cash and creating blogging for the last 5 years. Getting weary of the 9-5, swinging and never seeing my familiy, I decide I wanted to make some changes and started my first weblog.

I have since started many popular niche blogging and after I sold my survivor blog, I chose to educate other folks how to do the same.

The best Wix blog, shops and portfolio sites that have been built with Wix.

The Samples page lets you search for many examples of websites created on Wix by selecting one of the categories: At Brown Owl Creative, we are a creative agency that uses creative media to combine creative power and technological innovation to build brand recognition and help companies thrive. A nontrivial style with an alien on the boat is always a win-win situation.

This website is characterized by an appealing layout and is easily searchable for everyone. Celine' wealth of experience in home product styling, cookery and luxurious household goods manifests itself in every aspect of the website, be it a prescription section, a food service or, of course, a blogs. There' also a dedicated'Recipes' section that offers a dozen or so tasty recipies with a step-by-step guide divided into appropriate category according to the type of food, light and detail photographs.

All website designs are easy, but attention-grabbing, as they highlight the key areas of interest that visitors can search for. The Gordon Bennett Cycle Workshop has established itself as the world's first bike store in Israel to focus on the needs of the following and meet a wide range of cycling needs.

Throughout the website's overall look, the bike issue is the focus of attention, with full-size pictures, an easy-to-remember slide control on the home page, and informational blog posts that are regularly refreshed to attract user interest. A shop area also exists where a wide range of bicycle-related products are available at low cost.

Among the things that impress a website visitor and help him a lot is the detailled information available in the seperate section of the website. Gordon Bennett is a ressource that offers a unique blend of function, information value and intuitive styling! This is very practical, easy and fast.

This includes gifts, clothing, store men, store wives, stationery and personal area. This latter provides the details of your business partners, your community account, and even an on-line enquiry page, while the Google Maps facility, which shows the precise locations of your offices, makes searching easy. Encore Fashion is the top place to go if you are looking for a beautiful place to buy women's fashion.

This webshop has everything a contemporary woman could ever wish for - the range is so varied and comprehensive! Simply browse down the page and view videos, new releases with prices, numerous photographs and full details. You will find the on-line enquiry forms and your details at the end of the homepage.

This website is designed with a wide and vibrant range of colours and is characterised by stylish, elegant and modern approaches to the purchasing proces! If you browse the webshop, you will find several originals, graphics designs and artwork that can give any home decor a touch of class and fascination. Minimalist tendencies manifest themselves in the minimalist web designer concept, in which all components are placed in their place and presented against a snow-white backdrop.

There is nothing stopping you from experiencing the intriguing works of artwork here, so you can pick the ones that are perfect for your home. Easy, but functionally and stylische eCommerce Website, develops with Wix! The Darzi Clothing Company was founded out of a passion for colour and textiles. Mixing gray, whites and blues, the result is an eye-catching but refreshing look.

Even though the firm manufactures classical clothes, it does not neglect the importance of promoting through the use of socially acceptable medium. It is a great example of a basic website on the subject of foodstuffs created with Wix. Website owners know that humans are eating first with their eyes, therefore the backdrop is a nice hue of light and you can focus on the cups, jams, spread, sweets, desserts& There is nothing better than a tasty photograph that motivates them to try your food: there is a full-screen slide with a candy artwork and a full screen display of your meal.

It has a fairly easy to navigate page - next to the menus there is a contacts page with an integrated, informative card, a galleries page, information about the cook that Xiao von Crustz launched in her home cooking and is now known throughout Malaysia. Though Bhavin Taylor is a gifted and seasoned decorator, his home office is in North London and his work can also be available now.

This website enables those who choose to commission Bhavin to finish their interiors project to provide professional and private interiors architecture and style management service. There is no additional information to be found here - both the homepage and other website areas contain examples of the designer's most succesful work.

Each project is delivered with full-size, high-quality photographs that look very stunning against the backdrop of the website. This section of the menus is concealed in the top right hand side of the screen, but allows users to browse the web pages such as Project, News, Press, Journal, Products, Contacts. You can also find the button for accessing the community as well as your contacts at the bottom of the home page for fast and easy use.

The Barnwood Industries is a U.S.-based business that is a reliable provider of old growing timber, scrap timber, scrap timber, floor coverings, doors, panels, furniture and other timber related services. The website was thus designed with a view to large corporate specialisation. This one-page website contains useful information in one place. If you want to find out more about the business and its story, past achievements, product developments, galleries or contacts, you are sure to find it here.

Designing the site is easy, but it draws the users' interest through the wide range of colors and several small to large pictures on the theme. At Carolina Mountain Sun, our vision is to build turnkey residential, agricultural and industrial photovoltaic plants. In the USA, the enterprise has acquired a good name, which is due to the high service standard, the long lasting experiences and the personal support of each customer.

Its website reflects its great specialisation and shows its functions and service to your benefit. Once you enter a homepage, you will see a large picture that will take you to the Contacts section, where you can get all your queries answered, plan a session and even request a quotation.

In addition, you can search other website areas for the company's most rewarding project, discover services, and learn about the importance of using renewable energies. This website's range of colours, ranging from ecru to whites, is ideal for the company's specialisation and adds to the overall image it produces for a given site visitor.

Whether an on-line storefront, a home page, a café or a digitally designed enterprise, Wix can cover them all. With a clear and modern look, it provides a variety of functions and applications to suit the unique needs of your organization.

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