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Ranking of the best free digital downloads for Wix: WorldPress and Wix fight for Open source software WordPress and Wix are battling each other - and I'm not saying they're battling for clients. WordPress' founder Matt Mullenweg went to his blogs a few nights ago to directly assault Wix. M├╝llenweg said he download the new Wix portable application, which has a blogs posting engine. In a nutshell, he first asserted a feeling of deja vu before immediately blaming Wix for having stolen WordPress' music.

More specifically, he blamed Wix for hijacking opensource code WordPress and the WordPress fellowship had developed for WordPress' own portable editing tool. Makes you wonder how you can rob open sources. Now, Matt Mullenweg pointed out that although opensource code is free to take and change, the borrowers must then approve the final package under the GPL licence, so it (you guess it!) opensource.

Taking the unlocked version and integrating it into their own portable application, they sealed the open sourcecode behind locked gates. Obviously, that sharpened the gear wheels of WordPress' founder. Wix' co-founder and CEO Avishai Abrahami gave Matt Mullenweg a speech and answer. In reply, he said that Wix has a gitHub page full of opensource projects, and also by acknowledging that they actually delved into some of WordPress' opensource coding to create their application (which is nothing wrong).

Also he had some kind things to say about WordPress's contributions to the web and alluded to the fact that Wix and WordPress should be on the same page and not contradictory. Also Abrahami stated that the Wix' new app's sources will be published, although he didn't explicitly say so:

Simultaneously, Abrahami was defending his business. Wix was about creating websites, and WordPress (in its initial form) was about blogs alone: Matt Mullenweg upgraded his initial blogs posting in reaction to Abrahami. It is enough to say that he was not exactly happy with what the Wix chief executive had to say.

Now, Mr. Abrahami has offered to take Matt Mullenweg for a cup of cafe. It seems to be unyielding for Mullenweg that the warm relationship will not be resumed until Wix releases his application under the GPL licence, releasing all the source material that everyone can access. What do you think of the meat between WordPress and Wix?

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