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Email address of Wix Support

Chat for Wix Help Guide The purpose of this guideline is to help you get up and running with Wix Web site support. And if you haven't already purchased Wix Support, visit our Wix.com Support application at the Wix.com application store. Simply click Join Application to join your website support via webcam.

Next, adjust your preferences by selecting the tab in your browser and selecting Apply in your browser. That' it, you're good for chatting! There is always a free schedule, restricted to 20 meetings per year. Livechat Support allows you to instantaneously communicate with your website users from your LiveCat Dashboard in Wix.

From Wix, to access your Life Dashboard instant messaging, choose your website and click the Site Manager button. In your applications you will see "Live Chat Support". When you click Support for the first consecutive year, you will be asked to confirm that you have accepted Alerts. Be sure to reply Yes so that you can get incoming instant messages directly on your Desktop as pop-up messages.

Desk alerts are backed by Chrome, Firefox and Safari. In order to open the Live chat Dashboard from your editor, click the Live chat Support page to open your application preferences. You will see a "Dashboard" icon at the top. To open the Dashboard in a new tabs, click here. There are 4 ways you can respond to your Wix website's online chats:

Chats on your phone via our Pushover.net integrate. In order to reply to a call, just click on the line in the Incoming call form chart. Once you type a text in the text field, your conversation is approved and you talk to your website visitors directly on your website.

Once you have clicked on a line, a new page opens with the choosen instant group. Simply enter text in the Messaging Area to receive the instant messenger and begin a discussion with your website user. Support a wide range of instant messaging alerts, such as HTML5 Desktop alerts, slack alerts, email instant messaging and email send alerts, as well as pushed alerts with the third-party pushhover. net mobile application.

It allows us to use the browser's Desktop Alerts to send email to you. If your web browsing is minimised, as long as you are registered with us, you will still get the received alerts as your desk top alert. Just click on the received message to open the instant message. We have nativ support for your instant messaging directly from Slack on your desk top or cell phones.

It' great if you always want a natively deployed appliance with portable Push Alerts. E-mail alerts can also be enabled in your agent settings notification area. We' ll email you every email when there is an incoming call. Activate this if you want your web chats to remain on-line even if you do not.

In this way you can get an e-mail with all your inquiries. Just click the Open Chats icon in the email to go directly to that chats and begin it. And you can even do it from your cell from! When you want to talk from your cell and need instant notification, we recommend you download the Pushover.net portable application.

As soon as you have registered, they will send you their Pushover User Keys by e-mail. Just go to your Agent Preferences Notifications and select "Enable Live chat Mobile Push Notifications" and copy/paste this button into the Pushover User Keys text box. Get a hands-free instant message directly to your cell phones for each instant message.

Simply click on the hyperlink in the alert to open the instant message on your cell inbox. It' a great way to always make sure you are answering all your online conversations. This is what the instant you open the instant message on your cell in our web optimised web browsers.

In order to activate your mobiles pushed notification, choose "Enable Chat Mobiles pushed notification" and then copy your Pushover user key into the Pushover User Key text box. You can configure all your chat support settings directly from Wix. Go to your website editors and click the Chat Support button.

Open our open livestatetails. On-line and Off-line text boxes are the text that appears on the chat page. E-mail notification: The email address where you can get new instant messages. If you type this in, you will be informed by email about every new call.

Visibility of the Chats tab: It is a premium feature that allows you to fully disable the chat tabs on your website when you are off-line. On the second tabs, you can edit what information you gather in the pre-chat survey, edit the standard colours, and have the ability to use a customized logo or agent image in the instant messaging.

Colour of the Chats tab: Select your tabs colours and the colour of the chats headers that match your website. Adjust each individual box name, text, and each individual news item that appears in your webcast. It is this degree of adjustment that characterizes our real-time chart. It gives you full command over when your tabs are on or off.

Those are driven by your agent availability in the live chat dashboard. If you open the dashboard, they are made available to you by default. When you open the dashboard, they are made available to you by default. 2. That will change your sex plugin to your webcam. If there are more than one agent, if at least one of them is available, the instant messenger wizard will be there.

To take the Widget off-line, set your state to Not available. If you are an admin for more than one agent, you can click on the Active Directory tabs, choose each single active directory and enforce it off-line. Simply upload pictures of your favorite agencies to your online conversation by choosing your favorite agency and adding an uploaded picture of your favorite agency.

As soon as a person answers a webcast, his picture will appear. Save all your missing and off-line news directly to our application so you never miss it. You can use the Historical links to find and display all your instant messenger scripts, lost conversations, and off-line conversations. Customize them in the section Shorttcuts and have fast and easy acces to all short cuts in the upper right corner of your agents dialog as a short cut bar.

When you upgrade to the premium subscription with Wix' Hotline, you can create as many Wix Online Wix Web sites as you like. Indicator name is what is displayed to the website user when he or she is browsing. This is the subtitle that is displayed to the user below and with the name of the Web browser whenever a session starts.

No matter if the operative is on-line or off-line. Here you can coerce someone either on-line or off-line by using this box. You can use the Notifications pane in your Agency Details to specify how you want to notify your Agency about new requests to your Agency, either via email or via mobile push. Activate this if you want your IM tabs to always be available and you usually reply to IMs via email or push.

The effect of this is that the tab will remain active as long as this setting is selected. Our speech customization capabilities support full voice command over the voice shown to the user in real-time chats. They have full oversight and full flexibilty in what the visitors see. Do you need to activate your Wix Mobile website's webcast?

Here is our review on activating a mobile web site for your Wix Mobile site. Log into your chat dashboard every day to switch your instant messaging from offline to online. Configure alerts when you're not always on your computer and try to react to customers in less than a second.

When you accidentally miss a live session, always answer all requests from your live session progress. You will see conversations that are marked as missing or off-line for those you haven't reached.

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