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We' re looking for a technical support specialist to join our amazing team in SF! In contrast to Squarespace, Wix does not offer live chat support. Couldn't be less technical if I tried" - (Taylor Green, animikiitours.wix.com).

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to the Wix contact page, where you can get immediate fixes to the most frequently encountered problems. In case you do not find your answer, you can send a support request. We' re constantly working to upgrade and enhance our product and your comments are very welcome. and we will make sure you stay up to date.

Wix customer service: How good is it?

Part of our comprehensive Wix reviews, we've also reviewed Wix support to see if it's good enough, what it does, and how long you can delay getting a clear response to your question. Odds are, however, that all those who have a Wix-based website will have a few frequently asked Wix support issues.

In this context, it is important to note that Wix currently provides several ways for our members to contact them, such as the Wix comunity, the Wix Help Center, the Wix e-mail account and a telephone line. Wix number is available 24 hours a day, so clients can ask a question when they run into a problem and get an immediate response, which is good news. Wix number is available 24 hours a day.

In this sense, by calling Wix at 1(800)-600-0949, clients can solve their problems or have them clarified by a qualified service representative. E-mail support is the second way that clients can contact the Wix. Processing the responses takes a little longer, and some have said a few day delays, but in our case it took a few working hours for them to receive a response to our request, which was good enough.

Wix Help Centre has a query field where clients can enter their queries to get a listing of possible responses. Helpdesk is designed to help resolve some of the most frequently asked problems instead of solving common problems of a general nature. E-mail support and telephone support is better for this.

As well as these time-honored support methods, there is also the Wix forums where you can ask other queries or search for responses from support representatives or other members of the Wix comunity. Help Centre provides information and answer to most of your queries on various subjects, such as Getting started, Getting set up, Social Services, Account management, Access to the Wix Editors, Domain names, Premier schemes, Direct mail, Accounting, Technical issues, Further updating and much more.

On the basis of everything sketched so far, Wix support is likely to give you a good feeling, especially if you use the Help Center or decide to contact them via their telephone line. Although we can't guarantee an immediate answer by e-mail, there are at least other ways to answer your question, which is good news, due to the high number of inquiries.

For those who have a personal service plans, the Premier Plans give them even better 24-hour Wix support. Unfortunately there is no Wix supportchat, which is a little banal. Currently Wix does not offer support via livestat. But if you are looking for immediate responses to your question, you can search the knowledgebase or contact them by telephone.

There is no toll-free support number for Wix, but regular telephone support is available at 1-800-6000-949. Our operatives will certainly be able to provide you with a pleasant environment and help you resolve any problems you may have. How is Wix support e-mail addressed? We do not have a specific e-mail that you can reach for support.

You can, however, either send a question or ask your question in the forums where members of the CS Services or CS Services Agent can respond.

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