Wix Templates

The Wix Templates

For a long time Wix has been known as one of the most versatile platforms for the development of websites all over the world. Eleven state-of-the-art Wix templates for any type of website Of course with new breathtaking Wix templates. We are proud to present the 11 latest Wix templates to you, this year: the new Wix templates: Because of this increasing tendency, our designers have developed a slim pattern with a classical look. Inyour-face ( and beautiful ) picture greets the website visitor and clearly shows what you offer.

While scrolling, the moustache's playing backdrop will set the tone within the service area. And as a crowning glory, the Wix Pro Gallery supplied will inspire your guests to like and enjoy your busy work. Styling like this ensures that your hair looks cool and neat, just like the sensation of a new cut.

That' s why we've put together a pattern that revolves entirely around you. Designing the entire homepage has a clear and neat atmosphere that focuses on you and your abilities. One big head shot next to the About me area gives a feeling of welcome to your guests and takes you to a generous area where you can deepen your workshop or individual session.

The first thing your visitor will want to see is a cheerful face and a clear way of making contact as a job that requires reservations. To clearly describe the service sector, our graphic artists have chosen to use card designs (small boxes that represent their own unique ideas, but all fall under a common theme).

However, the thing that makes us cry is the fantastic photogallery of "happy customers". A new mother looking for help and encouragement needs to know that she will be consoled in a secure setting, which has inspire our creative staff to develop this soothing work. No matter what industry you're in, if you're addressing new mums, your "newborn" website will make your site feel good to your people.

Greens symbolize innovation and development, which is why they are used in this easy and informational work. They will want to know that they are talking to someone they can rely on, so the focus of this piece is on About. On this homepage you can use a smooth wallpaper colour to make people aware of the variety of your portfolios.

These templates bring back the spirit of automotive repairs. A large wallpaper (or movie if you want to change) and the key assets of the store are shown on your way in with neat symbols and plain text, giving you a truly unparalleled insight into your company. Combining the deep colours with a distinctive crimson emphasis, as seen on the Google Map, gives this model the softness that was lacking in the repaired workspace.

Show your guests that you know what's fashionable and share your knowledge! When your company includes designing and promoting, your website needs to be crisp, tidy and up to date with the latest web page designs conventions. Colour blues create visible and emotive identification, which is why our designer has chosen this electrical blues as the backdrop for this bold master.

Viewers participate in an engaging hands-on activity; when they move the mouse over the projector galleries, the color changes and a click takes them to a page with more information about the projector. Featuring a fun animated game, your visitor's interest will be aroused to such an extent that they will scroll through the Over section where you can present your group.

If you are an architect, you must be able to create with a river that narrates a history. First you will be welcomed with a nice picture that creates the conditions for what the website is about, then you have room for a small overview section. However, the website's major feature is the picture galery that presents your work.

This Wix pattern is perfect for those who want to show their customers that they are informed about the latest fashion tendencies. Our designer used this pattern as a screen. Surrounded by breathtaking pictures, pastels and an enchanting prallax scroll effect, your website will receive a serious redesign.

Combining colours and type gives the feeling that a beautiful make-up range is brought to live.

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